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Dru Ha Training for a Marathon

The video above is inspirational as Duck Down Music CEO Dru Ha explains why he running in the New York City Marathon. In the video above, Dru Ha explains his reason for running in the marathon. Dru Ha aka Drew Friedman states that his father, Harvey L. Friedman, passed away from Alzheimer's recently. Drew will run for the Run 2 Remember NYC Alzheimers Association chapter team. You can definitely tell that Drew is passionate about the Marathon as evidenced by the cause and his father's death. Drew enlists the expertise and knowledge of celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins to help get him over the hump. The New York City Marathon will take place on November 6, 2011.

To donate to the cause please click HERE.

To stay updated on Dru's progress please visit the Duck Down Music website. Props to Matt Conway for sending this to my email address.


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