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The death of the Walkman...

The advancement of technology has made cassette players and the Walkman obsolete. I traveled everywhere with my Sony Walkman and I always had an extra set of batteries. I even bought a cassette adapter that made it easy for me to display my music to the world (my first car did not have a cd player). The Walkman was awesome because you could buy a new CD and start listening to it outside the store. The Walkman was also durable, I dropped my Walkman so many times haha. Of course there were several disadvantages to having a Walkman. The first disadvantage revolved around the headphones. Usually the headphones that came with the Walkman were very cheap and broke easily. The second disadvantage was the battery life. The battery life for a Walkman was horrid, I think I could only listen to an album and a half without buying new batteries.
What do you miss the most about the Walkman?

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