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Behind the Beats: Concept

First and foremost how long have you been making beats?

I've been making beats & producing music since 2007, so around 4 years or so, before that I was a DJ.

Recently you released a project called Impromptu Notes. What did you want to convey with this project?

Impromptu Notes is my own interpretation of the fusion of Jazz & Hip-hop music. I felt Jazz & Hip-hop both shared similar impromptu elements, so I tried to create an album that explored that. I wanted the project to have a "live" element to it, rather than sounding like sampled chops or loops. I played many of the instruments & sounds myself, mixed with some sample work. I guess the main message I wanted to convey was; without Jazz and a lot of other great musical genres, we wouldn't have the hip-hop that we love, so I consider the project a personal homage to both Jazz & Hip-hop.

The project features stellar features from John Robinson, Scienz of Life and StaHHr. Was it easy to get in contact with the featured artists?

We are lucky these days to have such powerful social networking websites and avenues to connect, I got in touch via email & Facebook. I'm happy the artists I worked with were on the same page, it was definitely a blessing to work with such talented musicians.

I noticed that you also produced all the beats, mixed all the tracks and mastered all of the tracks. You also contributed to the artistic direction for the project. Explain why versatility is important in regards to longevity in this industry.

I guess I have almost become a one man studio in that aspect, because it is so expensive these days to pay for audio-related services, I figured I needed to learn all the disciplines myself to keep doing what I love. In regards to longevity; it definitely helps when you can do it all yourself independently, it is cost effective & efficient cutting out the middle-men.

"Constellations" featuring John Robinson, is one of my favorite songs from the project. I like the YouTube video for the song. Who is responsible for the creative video?

Thank you, I'm glad you like it, I created the video myself.

What is your favorite song from Impromptu Notes?

My favorite vocal track is "Voyage" and my favorite instrumental track is "Nita's Reprise"

Describe your beat making style to the audience.

I find it hard to describe my sound - yet I'm sure my listeners can tell the signature sounds in my production. In a few words I would say; Percussion heavy, melodic, boom bap. My sound can vary from hard-hitting to smooth-mellow, yet I always like to keep my drums & bass-lines prominent as I feel the drums and bass are the essence of the music. It is what makes us move.

Are you currently working on a follow up project?

I'm planning a few things for the future, hopefully something by early 2012.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

I'm pretty low key, but I like to hear from anybody and anyone,
Contact me on email (conceptbeats1@gmail.com)

Also hit me up on Facebook


Concept Beats - is my official site, keep an eye on the site for updates.

Any final thoughts (shameless way to plug the album haha)?

Just want to let people know that Impromptu Notes will be available on CD @ UGHH.com this month. Vinyl coming soon hopefully. You can preview the album and download it below by pressing the Buy Now button.

Thanks to Praverb for including me on Behind The Beats, much appreciated. Much love to all the music lovers & hip-hop heads out there that support hard working independent artists!

We need to support each other to keep the art form alive! Peace!


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