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Behind the Beats: Black Bethoven

First and foremost, how long have you been making beats?

I have been making beats for 20 years.

Describe your production style in less than 10 words.

Energetic with an out the box approach.

Describe the meaning surrounding your name, Black Bethoven. Where did the name originate from?

The name came from the a couple of pieces I've done in the past and someone said it sounds like Beethoven meets Hip Hop. So out of respect for Beethoven I dropped an "e" and spelled it Bethoven and added Black to highlight it.

I first heard your production on the Rhyme Royal project from Nametag. How easy is it to work with Nametag?

LOL! It's great but if you have a younger brother, you will have an idea. He has tons of ideas and is always looking for feedback.

What are some qualities of a dope beat?

Qualities to a dope beat= Imagination, a good ear, being yourself and music theory.

You recently released a beat tape called Lightyears. What did you want to achieve with this project?

I wanted to reach more clients and give listeners an idea of how far I have progressed and continuing to.

How has the feedback been so far?

The feedback has been awesome! For me anyway lol... 2000 plays in almost 2 weeks. someone else might get more but this is good for me.

What are you currently working on?

Well Nametag has another album we are working on with more of my production. Then I have a compilation I would like to assemble with multiple artist to show how diverse I am in this game.

Who would you like to work with?

Oh boy! Royce Da Five, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Elzhi, Miz Korona and basically anyone who enjoys the craft before wanting to shine.

Michigan is the home of a variety of talented artists. Do you think that an area or region can be overcrowded with talent thus making it harder to be recognized?

No. It depends on how that overcrowded region works together to ensure no stone is passed over. There is a place for everyone in this game its just not always on stage or behind a beat machine. People have to understand there are more ways to make Hip Hop bigger than what it is.

List five beatmaking pet peeves...

Copying and pasting, oversampling without true instrumentation, disregarding blending and ignoring parameters, and last, not knowing who J Dilla is!

List five emceeing pet peeves...

Reading from your book every session, not rehearsing, cuffing the mic close to the mouth, bragging about being rich in every song and having an album without a story to tell on a least one song.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

Facebook, Twitter, Google buzz, Myspace and email: blackbethoven@gmail.com

Any final words?

Yes, I was born into a family of music. The first thing we understood as children was we do it first cause we love it. In church, BBQs, family reunions. It can be a career but love is the core of it all. Basically, enjoy the craft and the bonuses will be earned effortlessly. I like to thank every listener and follower for your support. Lets Go!


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