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A Tip for writing more verses...

As you get older you may have to deal with mounting responsibilities and a reduction in time. For a writer this leads to phases or periods of being unproductive. While I was at work yesterday I thought of a way to write more lines or bars (Rap term) in an effort to produce more songs or poems. Writing four lines or bars every hour could lead to three complete verses in a 12 hour span. So basically the writer would write four lines after breakfast (let's say 8:00 am) and then write four lines every hour on the dot. Starting at 8:00 am and working to 8:00 pm would yield a total of 48 lines or bars. The cool thing about this method is that you can manipulate it to fit your writing needs. For example, if you want to write 96 lines a day then you could increase the criteria to 6 lines or bars an hour (12 hours x 6 lines or bars would equal 96 lines or bars). Hopefully this method would lead to more productivity and more complete songs. This method can also be applied to academic work (the writer would have to write more words per hour in an effort to reach the goal).

Some people may not have the ability to jot down four lines or bars every hour. If you do have the time you can utilize a cell phone and an app for taking notes. If you are more organic then you write the lines in a notebook, tissue paper, scrap paper, etc. The key is being more productive. I am a firm believer that repetition leads to better writing and thus more creative and original songs or poems.

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