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Seph Jones on the Long Road to success...

First and foremost, who is Seph Jones?

I’m one of the few emcees that ain’t about a bunch of bullshit talk. As an artist I’m the same as when you see me on the street, meaning Seph Jones is not a character I change into that makes corny raps songs about shit I never do. I’m the exact opposite of what a hater might say. Humble enough not to let the love get me gassed, and confident enough in the cards I been dealt, that I don’t care what’s in the next man’s hand. But mostly I’m just me.

Where do you reside and how long have you been spitting?

I’m currently living in Riverdale, Maryland. I’ve been rapping seriously for about 5 years, But I been writing close to 10.

Last month you dropped Long Road on Brake Fast Records. What is the concept of the project?

There is no true concept; we just wanted to put my music out to the people. I have been featured on a few Brake Fast projects in the past. So when Mic Brown approached me about releasing Long Road it was a no brainer. I have a couple projects that are in the works, but I wanted to put out something so that people would be more familiar with Seph Jones by the time I drop the album.

Do you have any features on the project?

Yeah, On the Ep I got label mate and good friends Mic Brown, and A-Class. Also got an appearance by my homie BEX of 916 Productions.

How has the project been received?

The project has gotten a lot of praise. I mean where there is love there is always some hate. But I haven’t heard anything negative so I’ll take that as a job well done. I’m just fortunate to have a good cast of people in my corner that are helping to get the project into the hands of the right people. Making the music is the easy part, getting people to listen is the challenge.

What is your favorite song off of Long Road and why?

My personal favorite would probably be "On Some"; it was one of those songs that to me was more about a feel. When I first heard that track in the studio I already knew where the beat was going. The whole "On Some" concept came along from me actually asking myself, what type of shit am I gonna be on when I write to this. So when I was at my session I actually kept repeating that line in my head I’m On Some, I’m On Some the same way that I say it in the first bar of the song. From there I just spit about the overall picture of my life at that moment. From all the things I was doing at the time, about events that had taken place, and just how I felt overall. It’s one of those joints that if written today it wouldn’t have the same tone, because I’m not in the same position or mind state I was at the time. I was able to capture perfectly a period of my life on that record that I know anyone who listens to it will feel. I have always wanted to revisit that idea just to see what I would say today, could happen I just haven’t found another beat to put me in that mood yet. Shot out to SIDEFX!

One of my favorite songs from the project is "Love Has Never Left." This song is awesome because you present your affinity for hip-hop, friends and more. What motivated you to write "Love Has Never Left"?

I wrote that song because at the time people didn’t understand why I wasn’t putting out music; my hunger was in question on many occasions. When the truth was my passion for my music had never left, but I had other things going on in my life that I felt should be my priority at the time. I have always done music because that’s my passion, but if it’s not bringing the majority of your income in then no matter how you justify it to people it’s just a side hustle. That song was just me saying look, I know what I’m doing here. It’s not just all about writing songs; there is a business side to this game too. Let me do me!

I also enjoy the lyrical barrage that you display on "Chinese Food." Describe your writing process to the masses.

There is always a point, or a statement being made when I write. Even if there is no hook, there is still a concept or a message being conveyed. I freestyle a lot when I select a beat I want to write to just to see what I might say naturally, before I start writing. A lot of the time that’s all I need. I don’t like to sit and think I like my creativity to be something that’s more spontaneous. You burn yourself out with all that thinking then when you finally get a decent idea; you have to think of how to convey it. I don’t chase for ideas I let them come to me. I may think of the first line for each verse, but the rest of my writing is based off of feeling. I try to stay away from forcing songs; I might open my pad and write 4 bars one day. Other days I’ll knock out 2 or 3 songs in one session just because I was feeling it. Repetition is a big part; also you just have to trust your abilities as an artist.

How and when did you link up with Brake Fast Records?

I met Mic Brown (of Brake Fast Records) back in like 2004 through our mutual friend Nick Tha Onedah who had a radio show at UMD, called Loopdiggin101 on WMUC 88.1. We were the featured emcees on the show along with a few other cats that night. I had been going up there religiously and spitting every week. From that we kept in contact, but it wasn’t until like 2007 when we found ourselves in the same spot that anything musically got going. I ran into the whole Brake Fast camp at a bar, and A-Class not knowing who I was tried selling me tickets to a show being sponsored by Brake Fast. Somehow I ended it spitting a verse, Mic Brown walks around the corner, and that night "Chinese Food" was recorded.

What are some of your interests outside of hip-hop?

Growing up I’ve always been a huge sports fan. Basketball & Football have consumed a huge, yet unregretful portion of my life. I actually used to play both back in high school, and probably would have pursued that route if I wasn’t such a knuckle head back in the day. So anything sports related I’m about it, I’m nice with the Madden or the 2k. So anybody looking to get dogged up can catch me online on the ps3 “SEPH ALMIGHTY”. That’s my gamer tag, but don’t say I didn’t warn y'all. Besides that I’m a big music fan myself. I would say about 35% of a normal day I got something playing. I’m usually never on the same vibe day to day, so I keep a huge playlist with me at all times. I like to consider myself a talent scout of sorts. I have predicted the success of a lot of artist before they made it big. I always got my ear to the street. I love to hear new artist putting out good music.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a mix tape that should be dropping in the next few months, and my full length album coming early 2012.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

http://www.brakefastrecords.com, Seph Jones on Twitter, Seph Jones on Facebook, sephjonesMD@gmail.com and Seph Jones on ReverbNation.

Any Final Thoughts

Shout out to Brake Fast Records, OnTymeMusic, SideFX Studios, Nick Tha Onedah, Rosirus, Jamma, and Tom Delay. Thank everyone that had a hand in getting the Long Road out to the people, and everyone that has supported the project. Be on the lookout for more music to come, because I am about to empty my vault in the months to come. Shouts to the whole DMV, and anybody making good music. R.I.P. Rard Jones I do this for us!

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