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The Rhyme Perspective: Thoth

First and foremost, who is Thoth and where does he reside?

I'm currently a human being. originally from Massachusetts, been living In California on and off for 8 years.

Your name is unique. Thoth is related to Egyptian deity and Thoth is represented by the Ibis/Baboon in animal form. Are you of Egyptian descent?

Actually "Thoth" Is the Greek Word For the Egyptian God "Tehuti/Djehuti" aka "DHWTY", Nah I'm not Egyptian or Greek.

Haha, You recently released a project called Volume One. What did you want to present to the masses with Volume One?

Good Music. To let a larger audience know that I'm here and I can hold my own next to anyone.

Do you have any features on the projects?

Haha, you already know I do (Raekwon, Mistah Fab, Guilty Simpson, Planet Asia, Opio, OhNo, Termanology, Chaundon and Danny Brown).

The project is also hosted by Statik Selektah. Describe the experience of working with Statik Selektah.

It was an Honor. I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity. Statik is a multi-talented artist and he did his thing.

"Make A Move" is a dope track that features Raekwon. Your ability to hang with hip hop's elite is the strength of this project. Your verse on "Make A Move" solidifies the previous statement. How did the collaboration with Raekwon come about?

Thank you. Basically I knew I wanted to get someone on the project that was on that level. I've been a fan of Rae since I was 12 years old listening to 36 chambers and shit. The timing happened to line up right and we made it happen. Then Illmind sent me that beat and we both just killed it.

Big Shout To the Chef and the homie Illmind.

You also show a lot of versatility on Volume One by rapping over different instrumentals. Who were your rhyming rhyming influences growing up?

Thank you, I appreciate that. From growing up, Biggie, Nas, Redman, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Styles P, Jay Z, Wu-Tang, Guru, Eminem, Mos Def...

Long gone are the days of trying to impress A&R's as evidenced by the lack of quality signed talent. As an emcee with a respectable buzz, please present the importance of having a strong team?

It's something you have to have to succeed, period. The more you progress in this game, the more shit there is to do, and the more you need to trust the people around you to do what they do. Can't thank the people I'm working with enough.

What are you currently working on?

I have an album in the works which is being entirely produced by a single producer(who everybody already knows, and likes) which I'm trying to get done first. An EP and another Mixtape are already under way also.

The byproduct of putting of a stellar project is dealing with feature requests and beatmakers. How do you deal with the feature requests?

Lol, yeah it's cool tho, most of the time. Really I just appreciate the opportunity to do some work and make music.

I'm down to do features right now as long as people have there money right, and arent on some wack shit. If You got a project and some paper, I can work out a fair deal. I know its gonna be a lotta folks that turned down relatively free verses from me kicking themselves a year from now.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

Holler at me on Twitter and Facebook and For all Verse/Song Inquries & Show Bookings, Contact: Thothisthefuture@gmail.com

What are you currently listening to music wise?

Kendrick Lamar, Joe Budden, Anything From Detroit, Flying Lotus, some Dubstep shit, lots of instrumentals, Skyzoo, L.E.P Bogus Boys, Bill Whithers...some other shit I cant think of too...

Any Final Thoughts?

Thanks for the Support, I can't do this with out all the fans out there. I'm gonna continue to make better and better music. I look forwards to getting on tour and killing some shows for everyone. Oh ya, and pay attention to life and the world right now, things are changing rapidly.

Peace To You and Yours.

PS: Click the download now link below to download Volume One (Hosted by Statik Selektah


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