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FREE Download: Defender of the Art - The Psych Ward

For a long time Michael Stover played the background and focused solely on promoting other artists via his website. The Psych Ward allows Michael Stover to present his emotion and pain to the masses over some banging hiphop production. Defender of the Art showcases Michael Stover's love for Christ and his flaws as a human being. "The True Story" is a true story about Michael Stover's past. The heartfelt lyrics are easy to relate to and present a human element. "Propain III" is a straight forward track where Mr. Stover bears his soul. Defender of the Art also showcases his ability to shine alongside featured artists. "Rhythm of the Rain" is a track that addresses pain and features stellar verses from Lyriz and Praverb the Wyse. Defender of the Art closes the track with a dope verse where the rain is the metaphor for pain. Stover states, "if you dance to the rhythm of the rain, you're ready for anything/ but stay out there for too long and your soul will go insane."

Overall the project has some gems and it is very introspective. The potential is there and I am positive that Defender of the Art will continue to flourish as an artist. Check out the mixtape and relay the responses to Defender of the Art.


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