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Video: Armond - Glory

Armond has to be one of realest emcees that I have ever heard especially within the Christian Hip Hop genre. This emcee is not afraid to share his flaws and struggles with the masses as evidenced by his straight forward lyrics. You can buy the single below by clicking the buy now button below.

"I never got my truth from the Pastor, they was lying to em'
I was thirteen getting hand jobs in the choir room
My home boy got shot, he's in the ER
I had his girl in his back seat, getting her knees raw
I couldn't visit my man, wanted my nut first
But lust is love and verdict, and thinking back this stuff hurts"

[Verse 2]
"Rest in peace, Macho Man, you don't know what I wrestle with
dirty pictures of my little sister, made me shed a tear
cause two years ago, she asked me for a bible
I'm ashamed but twenty cents to the my name, I couldn't find one
and so she started looking, I'm scared what she discovered
a bunch of thirst buckets trying to get under her blankets
Not sure if she loves it, I have picked her brain
Wish that I, could pick up in my ride and fly away
but the path she's on, I take the blame"

[Verse 3]
"Through everything that I have seen and what I am going through
My pockets couldn't contain what I owe to you
You bought it with your love and faithfulness, so I'm sowed to you
I dedicate my soul to you, it's yours, and Lord it's overdo
and still I'm so confused
It's like walking a tight rope with my eyes closed
You inspire what I drive for
With my arms, legs, eyes, limbs, life soar, through it all I'm yours"

- Armond


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