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The Rhyme Perspective: Procyse

First and foremost, who is Procyse and how long have you been rhyming?

Procyse is a 23 years young stallion, lol. Na, I'm just a man pursuing my passion for music and hoping it falls on the right set of ears that needs to hear what I'm saying. I've been rhyming for roughly about 9 years.

Your first experience with hip hop was in...

The 7th grade. I had this friend named Anthony, that told everyone I was the best battle rapper ever, lol (I had never rapped before in my life). So this kid Travis who was known as the "cool rapper" wanted to battle me. My friend, Anthony (who actually rapped) wrote a battle verse for me and I ended up winning. After that I fell in love with the art and respected it.

You are a part of a duo known as Soulfficial with crew mate Miz Logik. When did you guys decide to make music together and what are you guys working on?

We actually went to the same church for a few years before ever coming in contact with each other. We both had mutual friends that always told us about each other, but we never actually talked. As time went on we started building a relationship with one another, outside of music. We both were approached with a deal for an up and coming label that was starting by a friend and got the idea to start a group. We are currently working on a full length album entitled Wait Your Turn which will be out by the end of the year.

In 2010, Soulfficial released the Forever is Ours mixtape. How was the mixtape received and what did you guys want to present to the masses?

Forever Is Ours was basically a means to keep us going because at the time we really didn't have any beats. So we gathered up a bunch of instrumentals and just did our thing in a few weeks. We wanted to show everyone our lyricism and our skills and show our ability to make good music all while staying in the boundaries of our faith without being "corny". We actually got a really good response out of it in and out of our city. Sites like SOHH and some blogs really dug it and put it out for their fanbase to hear it, so that helped a lot. You hearing the mixtape is actually how me and you started talking, haha.

Who are some of your favorite artists and who would you like to collaborate with?

Man, I grew up listening to Nas, Jay-Z, Gang Starr, Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples and a ton of others have influenced...My ALL time favorite though is Evidence, something about his flow and passion is unmatched in my book. Now, I listen to a lot of CHH stuff so I guess it'd be MuzeOne, Trip Lee, Sintax, Mars Ill & manCHILD, LeCrae, Othello, Braille, Theory Hazit and all them dudes...

Are you currently working on anything?

Yeah, I'm currently working on a few things. Like I said, The Soulfficial album, an album with a producer named Stephen Herrera, an EP with producer Dave Santos and another EP with a producer named Binox. They're all written with the exception of the EP with Dave Santos. I'm in the writing process with that project. So I'm attempting to stay busy.

Who would you like to work with in the future and why?

I would LOVE to work with Braille, he's always been an inspiration of mine. His passion that he puts in his music is phenomenal. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve. I would also love to work with Theory Hazit, he's so raw and uncut. He is a true definition of an emcee and I admire everything he does. Last but not least would be, Trip Lee. I love the mans heart for god and he's a major influence being the same age I am.

In your music you have not been ashamed to proclaim your love for Christ. What obstacles have you encountered as a Christian hip hop artist?

Man, obstacles being a christian are crazy. the minute people hear that I love God, they automatically think I'm judgmental and super aggressive. Little do they know I'm not like that at all. People write me off because they hear God in my music, little do they know, I can SPIT..haha. I actually got a rep in Denver for being a battle rapper, so when people hear me now, it's weird for them.

What is your favorite biblical book and why?

I love Job. Just to see a man of God that lost EVERYTHING and still continued to glorify him without ever questioning him, is amazing. I don't even have that kind of faith, but it's definitely what I strive for.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

You can get at me on Twitter or on Facebook, just search Marc 'Procyse' Saenz. If you do none of that then hit the email, cysemusic@gmail.com. Finally you can download the Forever Is Ours mixtape and future projects at Our Bandcamp page.

Any Final Thoughts?

Be true to yourself and don't let anyone derail you from what you truly want to be. Love God and stay healthy, haha.

Thanx P.!


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