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Prosthetik Intelligentz - Investment

This track is the truth and I love music that presents a message. Prosthetik Intelligentz, a duo from Fayette Nam (Fayetteville, NC), present there latest track called "Investment" from their joint project with Raleigh, NC beatmaker GravityMovement called The Sounds & Wonders EP. The vocal sample over the hook is lovely, "investing in fantasies and not God." Prosthetik's emcee Ezzie B. presents some lyrical nuggets for the masses by utilizing a smooth vocal performance with intelligent lyricism. Check these lines, "When they download, unpack and play it from the Richter/ Swingin' at the devil but the blade barely nicked em." The track also features a dose of reality courtesy of sound bytes from Dr. Cornell West. I have played this track six times and I can't wait to hear more from Prosthetik Intelligentz.


  1. awesome!!! this is what music is about. quality indeed


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