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Memory Mondays: Big L and Jay-Z Freestyle

Here is one of my favorite tracks ever. When I lack motivation and the art of rhyming slows down, I study this freestyle. Big L and Jay Z delivered a 10 minute verbal assault that was full of quotables. Both emcees showcased their legendary flows and smooth deliveries. Check below for some of the quotables (Yikes).

"I'm known for yoking jacks
And beatin them with smoking gats
Leavin token blacks with broken backs and open caps
So with that bullshit, step to the rear son
The last thing you want with Big L is a fair one
Cause in a street brawl, I strike men like lightning
You see what happened in my last fight friend?
Aight then
I beat kids with lead pipes
I leave a trail of dead mic's
Where I'm from, niggaz jewels get ran like red lights
Old folks get mugged and raided
Crimes are drug related
And we live by the street rules that thugs created
Clowns get smoked about a thousand volts
For selling pounds of coke
Front in this town and get a tech stuck down your throat"

- Big L

"I mack like Goldie, go back like the oldies
But the goody, pullin R&B bitches wearin hoodies
They don't be knowin the way I be flowin
When I be goin, I be running the track like Jesse Owens
I disrupt the natural scheme
The way that you do things wit a swing and have em rockin like…
You say never you run, if ever you come
It's never you run so fast in your life to never have won
Come on and ride the rhythm
I be producing like jizm
Just like the gods I start with knowledge and follow with wisdom"

- Jay Z


  1. I think I heard this when it happened. Sounds like they are on Stretch and bobbito


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