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eBook Review: SEO In A Day

I came across this free eBook when I was researching the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This free eBook is presented by Steve Wiideman of Creative Search Strategies. This eBook provides an excellent introduction into the phenomenal world of search engine optimization. I learned about the magic formula and how it relates to SEO (Relevancy + Popularity = Higher Ranking). Steve Wiideman did an excellent job highlighting the importance of choosing the right keywords and provided information on popular keyword programs (such as KeywordDiscovery.com and Wordtracker). I also learned about the importance of using a content tracking spreadsheet. The concept behind a content tracking spreadsheet is simple, it assists people with organizing SEO campaigns (involves the incorporation of keywords, meta tags and more). Steve Wiideman also presented the importance of domain name and branding and how it relates to SEO. The on page SEO information for WordPress was very informative. The next section presented ideas and techniques to combat off page search engine optimization.

In conclusion, the eBook presented by Steve Wiideman serves as an introduction into the complex world of search engine optimization (SEO). It provides a spring board and gives the reader an opportunity to learn more about SEO. The most important aspect about this eBook is that it gives the masses insight on how to maximize their blogs or websites without hiring a SEO agency (basically the eBook appeals to the Do It Yourself demographic).

You can get the FREE eBook HERE.


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