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Behind Steel Reserve (Cane Speaks)

What was the motivation for "Steel Reserve"?

I recently dropped a mixtape in April, My Universe. I felt like we created some really good, quality music with this project. It received a lot of great feedback, but I just really wasn't satisfied with it. I still felt slept on, and I felt like the mixtape didn't get the true respect and recognition it deserved. I got pissed and told Lou we had to come harder. I wanted to address how I was feeling and get it all off my chest. It was never my intention to make a song about alcohol, it was just like I heard the beat and started writing and was like man this is hard. Hard like drinking a "Steel Reserve".

How long did it take you guys to film "Steel Reserve"?

We had two 2 hour shoots, and another one that took us about an hour.

Introduce the masses to the creative team that was responsible for Steel Reserve.

Mister Fili is the man behind the lens as well as the editor responsible for the crazy visuals. Lou Burna is the producer aka the drummer, responsible for the head banger; and I did the rapping.

You recently released a project a few months ago called My Universe. How has the reception been and do you plan to release any more singles from the project?

My Universe was well received. We got a lot of positive feedback, but I just wasn't content with it. Although the album was released in April, I feel like we still have a lot of work to do with it, as far as promoting it to different demographics and shooting more videos. There are so many tracks on that project that need to have videos. I anticipate more videos from My Universe to be released.

"The Other Side" has been received well from the masses. What was the inspiration for the track and will you record a video for it?

On that track I wanted to address some real issues that our youth face on a daily basis. High school is such an important time in a kid's life, as you start to learn about the world and who you are; and it can really be a brutal place. I wanted to address the harsh realities of bullying. I also wanted to touch on the fact that you may really never know what someone is experiencing. It could look good on the surface, but be something totally different in actuality. There are plenty of times in life where you would like to be on the other side of a situation. But then again, things could always be worse. I would love to shoot a video for it, but it has to be perfect. I won't put out anything less than perfect for that video because of how strong I feel about the song.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a mixtape where I am rhyming over old beats from the 90's. I am also working on new all original material with Lou Burna. More details on our next project will be coming soon! I also plan to get back in the studio with producer Tha Workz.

Any final thoughts?

Thanks for everyone who is supporting Steel Reserve, and if I offended you, good! If you haven't yet, please cop My Universe on my Bandcamp. Be on the lookout for a lot of new music. Shout to Mister Fili and Lou Burna for making it happen.


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