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Baltimore S.O.N. - HisStory (The Audiobiography of Baltimore S.O.N.)

Here is a debut project from Baltimore S.O.N. called HisStory (The Audiobiography of Baltimore S.O.N.). The project serves as an introduction inside the life of Baltimore S.O.N. The emcee attacks each track with a pinpoint flow and a seasoned delivery. The video, that is presented at the top of this post, is for a song called "Soulful Street," that is on the project. The talented emcee touches on a variety of topics on the album and invites the listener to follow his audiobiography. The album features guest appearances from D. Focis, Rell Ceez, Eagle, Anthony Washington, Yoke, Chris and more. What is interesting about this album is the international flavor that is presented on the album as evidenced by the features and guest production (Dj SoulClap handled the beat for Hip Hop Don't Stop). Baltimore S.O.N. is able to rely on his overseas living experience to channel rhymes that have depth. This emcee is not focused on being a trending topic or trying to secure the popular vote. This emcee is focused on Shining Over Negativity.

You can purchase the project for $10 HERE.


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