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Staxowax Interview

First and foremost, introduce yourself to the masses?

First of all, thank you for the opportunity to be here. My name is Marco Roman and I am the founder of Staxowax. I reside in Chicago and I’m 22 years of age. Along with my business partner Gonzo, we have created a brand that is unique in its own way and are ready to make a mark of our own.

Staxowax is...

Staxowax is a brand that is not only caters to the crate diggin’ beat-making Hip-Hop community, but also to those desiring self-expression. The great thing about Staxowax is that we have created a brand that speaks heavily upon our community as crate diggers and beatmakers. If you have passion for the art that is in records, in music itself, in beats...you can express them through Staxowax.

The designs on the shirts are unique and it appears that you have experience as a crate digger. Did searching for wax become the inspiration for the company?

It absolutely was. Back in the summer of 2007, I became obsessed with crate diggin’. That was definitely one of my best summers and the crate diggin’ culture really went into effect. The reason I started to dig was because I was always interested in the background composition of every song I listened to. My main style of Hip-Hop is definitely the East Coast sound. Dudes like Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, Wu-Tang and so many more influenced me to dissect the instrumentals that they produced. I was like man "It Ain’t Hard To Tell", what sample is that? Who produced it? My brain went crazy for samples and producers. During that same summer, I picked up a pair of Numark turntables and an MPC 2000XL. Although I had the time of my life making beats and sampling, I never really felt like I had that true calling for it. That only influenced me even more in a fashionable way. I decide I wanted to be involved in Hip-Hop and the crate diggin’ world by creating a brand that fitted my personality and that of others. I wanted to still have a mark in the community and what better way to do so, then to offer people a brand that meets and represents their passion.

Describe the vinyl or crate digging experience in Chicago.

Like every crate digger, we all have our own special spots. If you come to Chicago, you definitely have to hit up Dusty Grooves. That place is so chill and they have a nice clean set up. Another one of my favorite spots is Reckless Records, but mostly for the underground and old school Hip-Hop singles. My favorite spot resides over on an intersection close to the Kennedy expressway here in Chicago. These guys say every year that they are going out of business but never do. They have amounts and amounts of records in boxes that probably haven’t been opened for quite sometime now. That is definitely my weapon of choice for diggin'.

What is the ultimate goal for the company and how long has Staxowax been in existence?

The ultimate goal is to reach an audience that can help and push the brand forward. It will take time and a lot of effort but we are up for anything that comes our way. I have a lot work to do to make sure the brand progresses forward and I’m always looking for ways to do just that. We already have big plans on the next release whether it be working with new artist, improving designs, improving our promotional schemes...we are going to simply keep working. I consider myself a hard working guy and I apply that to Staxowax. I actually began the brand back in 2007 and had a few limited pieces. Looking back now though, I am definitely glad that I developed the concept and waited patiently to fully launch this year.

What obstacles have you encountered as a business owner and how do you intend to deal with the obstacles?

Communication. I am not gifted as an artist but I have ideas of what I want for the brand. I try and sketch them out to the best of my abilities and hope that the artist I work with can develop my idea fully. It is definitely tough to work with people online and to gain their trust because it’s like your putting in a lot of hard work and money and want to make sure your inner circle is on the same page as you. I also tend to be picky on the detail for each shirt. I want to make sure that I am printing all of my tees on the highest quality materials possible. The same goes to my printer who prints these shirts, and believe me, a lot goes into making just one shirt.

Basic economics states that equilibrium of price will occur when supply and demand is equal. What is most important to you right now, supply or demand?

I think at this point the supply is more important because if I am not producing products for my customers that meet their expectations and catch their eye, then there simply won’t be a demand for it. I believe that in order to make money you have to lose it. In one way or another businesses will have to learn and accept that, even if they are just starting out. I have already learned so much in just a few short weeks about running my business and brand.

Is Staxowax offering any promotional codes that may generate consumers to buy? If so, can you please expound on the codes?

Yes absolutely! Right now you can use promo code STAX to receive 15% off your entire order. Enjoy!

Chicago is a hiphop city that boosts the talents of Twista, Lupe, Common, Molemen and more. Does Staxowax have a spokesman? If not, who would you like to be your spokesman?

I can’t say that I have a spokesman as of right now but that would be great if I could meet someone who shares my passion and workforce. Common will always hold it down for Chicago but if I could chose anyone in the world to speak on behalf of my brand it would have to be Madlib or DJ Premier. Now that I think of it....that is a tough one!

What is more difficult, coming up with the concept and design of a shirt or promoting the shirt?

Definitely the promoting aspect of the game. The clothing world is actually a very tough one and many brands fail because either their product isn’t good enough or they are not promoting it to best of their abilities. I have my main targeted audience and I love this brand because of the culture that surrounds it. I can always come up with different designs and ideas but I have to promote it correctly to those who would be interested in receiving it.

What are your interests outside of hiphop?

I’m kind of a mellow quiet dude but I’m not afraid to speak my mind. It is kind of funny how my life has changed a bit now since launching the brand. I have received several promising emails about artist wanting to promote Staxowax and are receiving it fairly well. I am constantly on the computer now working on the brand so I definitely need to balance my life out a little more. I do have to say that I am a huge NBA fanatic. If you want to talk Chicago Bulls basketball...I am your guy. I have followed the Bulls since I was five and that simply is my team right there.

Your favorite movie is...

Saving Private Ryan. I love war/drama films.

Your favorite villain is...

Dr. Doom and that mask is so sick.

Your favorite super-hero is...

Definitely Batman.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

You can reach me at marco@staxclothing.com or simply fill out a contact form at www.staxclothing.com. I always make sure to respond to my e-mails.

Any Final Thoughts?

A special thanks to you Praverb and your site for holding it down for Staxowax. I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing some more music from you and The BrainStormers. Make sure you stay tuned for upcoming Staxowax releases. I have big plans for the next release and will add more pieces to the lineup, thanks again...Keep Diggin’.


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