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Seph Jones - Long Road

Here is a new track from DMV emcee Seph Jones called "Long Road" which is a free single from Seph's upcoming project Long Road. Long Road will drop on July 1st and you can pre-order the project HERE. Seph attacks the beat (produced by Rosirus) utilizing his husky voice and precise flow to his advantage. You can tell that the emcee is at home over Rosirus's beat as he spews these witty lines, "You looking at a Boss MD// that make a sudden impact like Randy Moss in the league" and "Live free, the America dream// at 16 I was a rebel now I lead the regime// at 21, was a soldier, down for my team// At 25, I'm like Common just happy to BE." Break Fast Records is the home of Seph Jones, Grind Time competitor A-Class, Dirt Platoon, Tom Delay and others.


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