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The Rhyme Perspective: Blame One

First and foremost, how long have you been rhyming and when did you start realizing you were talented?

I started rhyming at around 8 years old, really simple old school style. I first realized I had a talent when another classmate of mine didn't believe that I wrote the verse I kicked to him. From there, I knew I had a natural talent at a very early age.

I am always intrigued to understand the meaning behind a pseudo name. What is the meaning behind Blame One?

I got the name when I was in juvenile hall and a friend thought that I gave him up as well. He later found out that a girl from his high school ID'd him when she showed up for court. I took the blame, thus Blame One. I was a heavy graffiti writer for years, which is the only reason I use the "One". Meaning the Original.

Describe the experience of performing at Paid Dues?

In one word, "incredible". It was nice to get to talk to a lot of the younger fans that I normally don't get to talk to due to primarily performing at 21+ events. Big up Murs and the Guerilla Union fam for putting me on!

You are a veteran in this game who continues to put out quality material. What inspires you to continue to put out quality material?

I don't think there is a choice. If I was to turn around and try to do a mainstream album, people would be confused. People listen to your music for a reason and they don't want you to stray far from the reason they bought your works in the first place. Like Guru once said "we have a formula." I have a formula as well and I just stick to it and make adjustments as needed.

You latest release is called Endurance. What is the concept that you wanted to present with Endurance?

It was basically just a statement that I'm going the distance with hip hop. I've been part of it since near the start and I will continue to push on and endure its ups and downs.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have two projects, One with producer J57 who is part of the Brown Bag All Stars. Very proud of this. We are almost finished. It will be my first album done with entirely one producer. Second I have an album with another rapper, Big Left. We have the vocals finished but we are looking for the right producer to remix the joints we have done cause we had some difficulties with our former producer for the group.

How do you balance being a father, role model, husband, emcee, etc? Do you find it difficult to make time for music as your kids mature?

It's definitely becoming harder and my kids are hitting the age where they will start doing more extra curricular activities like karate or sports. These may even be my last projects but I've said that before so I'm not going to put my foot in my mouth this time, haha.

When Blame One is not writing rhymes he is...

At the park, beach, mini golf, etc..doing something fun with my kids. Lately, working out and cooking is a new favorite hobby of mine. I get my Raekwon the Chef on to the fullest.

Describe your writing process... Does the speed of the verse depend on the beat?

I usually write two verses to a song and then wait until the next day to write the third. I feel like by the third verse sometimes I can lose momentum so I like to come with the same energy the next day. I generally take about 1/2 hour to write a verse. I have a style where I write a line and say it over and over before I write the next line. By the time I'm finished, I pretty much have it memorized already.

How can people get in contact with you?

On Twitter and I'm on Facebook and Deadspace but twitter is the best way to chop it up in my opinion.

Any Final Thoughts?

Big up to the homie P the Wyse for taking the time to do this interview. Everyone out there, stay true to self and show love as the world is in constant need of it. Blessings!


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