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Jamla is an Army, IWWMG is a Navy

Jamla Records and IWWMG is spearheaded by Grammy Winning producer 9th Wonder. IWWMG is definitely a label that is successful because of the charismatic artists, the promotion of the fans and the growing catalog of quality releases. Jamla (an imprint of IWWMG) boasts an impressive roster that consists of Skyzoo, Rapsody, GQ, Tyler Woods and Big Remo. You can peep the rest of the IWWMG roster HERE. Recently I have been amazed at the amount of free material that the record label has presented to the fans. GQ recently dropped Blended 3, Skyzoo just dropped The Great Debater and Big Remo just dropped Robinhood REE. The thing that separates IWWMG from other labels is the accessibility of the artists. The artists are present on social media sites and they interact with the fans on a daily basis. Rapsody has a project that will drop June 21, 2011 called Thank H.E.R. Now. The North Carolina based emcee is generating a lot of interest (and a remarkable buzz) due to her excellent live show and deft rhyme skills.

IWWMG and Jamla Records will continue to make its impact on the industry because of the relationship with the fans. In the past, word of mouth was the only way to inform people about new release. The technological boom gave way to the development of social media sites. IWWMG and Jamla Records utilizes the power of social media sites for promotion, most notably Twitter and Facebook. Hash-tags (a hash-tag is a keyword that follows this symbol #) are a powerful weapon for IWWMG and Jamla Records. For example, GQ released Blended 3 yesterday and utilized the #Blended3 hash-tag. Hash-tags are unique because people can promote the hash-tag and even search Twitter's history in reference to the hash-tag. Furthermore, the artists that are signed to Jamla Records and IWWMG promote each other and that selflessness is one of the qualities that I respect the most about IWWMG. Jamla Records is successful because it allows the casual fan to be apart of something special. #JamlaArmy is a viral and regional street team that focuses on promoting everything related to Jamla Records.

In conclusion, IWWMG and Jamla Records are more than record labels, they are a growing brand. The brand started as a concept by 9th Wonder and now it has spread globally. IWWMG and Jamla Records are record labels that are aligned with the fans and promoted by the fans. The labels consistently drop new music (free music, yeah I said it free music) and the quality of work is great. Take time and get acquainted with IWWMG and Jamla Records. Thank you for reading this post.

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