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Guy Harrison - Killin Em

Today I received a submission from Guy Harrison called "Killin Em." This 19 year-old emcee attends Syracuse University and is bound to make an impact in the game. You can checkout the song below.


  1. This kid is nice....been listening to him for a while you can check him out here...

  2. this kid blows dick... he is one of the worst hip hop artists i have heard in a while. He sounds like he has a stuffy nose in all of his songs. He sounds the same on every track and is going no where. Get the kid some nasal spray and get that gay cartier kid outta there as well.

  3. I guess everyone is entitled to his or her opinion haha...I think kid is nice and has a lot of potential. He is only 19 years old...bam

  4. I agree with the kid that was hatin... dude needs some serious work before he even sounds decent.

  5. The haters on this thread may be a bit harsh... the kid def sounds stuffy but has a good flow... but that cartier kid is absolute garbage and is bringing guy down with him bhf would be much better off without that kid he is a joke...

  6. Any emcee who rocks a lax sweatshirt gets my vote! I dont even have to listen. For the haters greatest syracuse lacrosee player of all time? jim brown . Ha!


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