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FREE Download: Dj SoulClap & Shaoo - Transformers

Today marks the release of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. I am a big Transformers fan and I am happy to be apart of this release by Dj SoulClap and Shaoo Zulu. Dj SoulClap states that this project is a promotional project and the original scores were put together by Steve Jablonsky. Special thanks to Dj SoulClap and Shaoo Zulu for allowing me to be apart of this project (I am featured on the second track called "Just A Faze"). The project features verses from myself, DoitAll and Baltimore SON.


1. Soldiers
2. Just A Faze (feat. Praverb)
3. Affirmation (feat. DoitAll)
4. My Dashboard
5. Home In My Head (feat. Baltimore SON)
6. Fallin
7. Young Girl

Dj SoulClap & Shaoo - Transformers


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