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Cane - George Muresan

The homie Cane hit me with his latest track earlier today called "George Muresan". The name of the track definitely caught my attention due to George Muresan's magnetic personality (Check out this Snickers Commercial). Cane attacks the 6'7" beat with a lyrical barrage and showcases his nimble and versatile flow. Cane opens up with, "6'7", I take it a foot taller, George Muresan if he was a good baller/ Shawn Bradley, if he was a little stronger and Shaq back before he was a good faller." As the track progresses the talented emcee exhibits a speedier flow (sheesh "Steel Reserve" is on the way yikes). The main concept of this track is to prove that the emcee can rip a commercial track to shreds. You can download the track HERE and download his latest release My Universe HERE.


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