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5 Reasons why I love Rapsody...

1. Rapsody can spit alongside greats and hold her own (Rapsody feat. Raekwon - Black Diamonds).

2. Rapsody is the true definition of an emcee that can spit and can shine alongside the young bulls (Rapsody feat. King Mez, Laws - Top Five).

3. Rapsody utilizes her great personality on stage by being full of energy, passionate and she can rock a crowd quite well (Rapsody feat. Heather Victoria - Black Girl Jedi).

4. Rapsody is a very humble person and presents herself in a classy manner (Rapsody Visits 3 Little Digs).

5. Rapsody is beautiful and apart of 9th Wonder's IWWMG label and does not have to use sexuality to appeal to the masses.

Today, June 21, Rapsody released her latest project Thank H.E.R. Now which features appearances from Big K.R.I.T, Laws, King Mez, Raekwon, Murs, Phonte and more. The good thing about this release is that it is available for free download.

Rapsody - Thank H.E.R. Now


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