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The Rhyme Perspective: Melodiq

First and foremost who is Melodiq?

Melodiq is the combination of the words melodic and poetic and I just added a Q at the end to differentiate myself from the rest. I am a husband, father and the lover of all music that is soulful.

You are an inspiration to me because of your unique style and international awareness. How long did it take you to mold your style to what it is today?

Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz have always been at the forefront of my musical manifestation. Having the ability to rhyme and sing has allowed me venture out and collaborate with so many different artists worldwide.

You have been blessed with the ability to work with some talented international artists (such as Terem, The Fakehunters, and more). What made you gravitate towards working with international artists?

I started working with international artists back in 2005 when MySpace really started to jump off. I originally released an EP with Pat D. from the UK and the rest they say is history.

What motivates Melodiq?

My God and my family first and foremost. Soulful, Positive Music. Nothing more and nothing less. It can be raw hip-hop or it can be a jazz hop track with furious horns. If it touches me then the connection is made.

You have the ability to deliver effortless rhymes and croon soothing hooks. How long have you been rhyming and singing?

When I started to work with international artists back in 2005. They were sending me really soulful tracks and I took it upon myself to start experimenting with singing hooks. I started getting really positive feedback and haven't stopped since.

Your debut album, Straight From The Soul, embodies the title because you put your blood, sweat, and tears into the project. In your words, explain the concept behind the album and the challenges associated with putting it together.

Everything I take part in musically always stems from tapping my motivation from the SOUL. The album was originally supposed to be an 8 track EP. Terem and I just kept vibing off each other and the full length album evolved. The biggest challenges with international artists of course is the language barrier and the geographic location. Technology has come so far that those barriers can be dealt with.

Are you currently working on a follow up to Straight From The Soul?

I will be starting on the follow up to Straight From The Soul later this year. I will be working with several producers this time around.

You are a great lyricist who is able to craft songs with ease. Describe your song writing process.

I need to hear the beat first and get a feel for it. Then I come up with the subject matter and then the hook comes shortly after. The verses usually come to me fairly easy because I already laid the foundation.

Jazz Hop appeals to you because...

The shear unadulterated manner in which you can attack the track musically and lyrically. Also having the ability to have the option of performing a HOT Jazz Hop track live is mind blowing to me. I am currently trying to get a band together to do some recording and touring. Keep it locked for that.

How can the masses get in touch with you?

You can reach me at the following web addresses and email address.

Email Address: melodiq@gmail.com

Official Website of Melodiq
Melodiq on YouTube
Melodiq on Facebook
Melodiq on Reverbnation
Melodiq on Myspace
Melodiq on Twitter
Melodiq on Soundclick


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