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FREE Download: St/MiC - In The Pocket

The homie St. MiC released his project In The Pocket today. This project is interesting because he created all the beats for the project using an iTouch/iPhone. ST/MiC (who’s also a world renowned well respected emcee, DJ/remixer/producer/beatmaker/engineer as well) told Bloggerhouse to he copped an INTUA.net iPhone app called BeatMaker and a synth app called Noise.io then proceeded to make an entire project using them. Mike is definitely one of the hardest working people that I have met in my life and his momentum inspires me. You can download the project HERE or on Bandcamp.


1. Turn It Up featuring Jazz Addixx 02:59

2. Philisophy Non-Stop featuring Praverb 02:57

3. Natural featuring Moka Only 01:48

4. Most Underrated featuring Primo The Cinematic 01:47

5. Reck We Em featuring Praverb, Waterloo and Has-Lo 03:52

6. Like That featuring Primo The Cinematic 02:21

7. Country 02:33

8. (Beyond) Gagaku 02:09

9. Holdin Back 02:30

10. Nature 01:52

11. Not not Strong 01:44

12. Reck We Em 03:28

13. Samba Sometin 02:15

14. SUMr 03:41

15. No Subshine 02:55


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