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FREE Download: Cayoz Da Beast - The Barz & Beatz Mixtape

4th Solo Mixtape for 22 year old wordsmith Cayoz. This project is presented by 5th Flo. This time around, the artist takes a different approach. Choosing to show off more of his productions skills rather than Mic skills. Do not be alarmed though, Cayoz still graces the mic with his presence. Along with a few features such as fellow BrainStormers, Praverb The Wyse, O*Zee, and A.L. Laureate. P-Hill The Genesis, SageInfinite, Essence and fellow Lets Get It In Records labelmate Ill Nyce and more provide the verbal firepower that exemplifies the beat making prowess of Cayoz.

You can download the project on Bandcamp or DivShare.


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