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Behind the Beats: Jazzo and Melodiesinfonie

First and foremost, provide a brief biography about the origin of Jazzo and Melodieinfonie...

Name: Vojko Huter Age: 18

About Me: I live in Zurich. My whole family is addicted to music. My mother is a pianist, my father is a violin teacher and I want to become a Jazz guitar teacher. So I want to study Jazz.

Name: Kevin Wettstein Age: 17

About Me: I live in Zurich. I work as a child educator and I want to study Social education. Music is one of the main components in my life.

The press release states that you guys started making beats together in
2010. How long have each of you been making beats for?

J: I make beats since I was 12 years old.

M: I make beats since I have known Jazzo.

Describe the differences associated with working on a beat as an individual and as a duo.

J: Working on a beat individually is just a lot less fun. As a duo, there are more ideas in one song and mainly it's more fun to do beats together.

M: Individual working is not bad but not as good as together. Together we have great times in the studio cause we're good friends and it's a lot more constructive.

Last month, you guys released The Treeology EP through Feelin' Music. Describe the relationship that you have with Feelin' Music.

M: Jazzo and I met Chief before we released the Ep. I take care of all the networking and thus I got to know the guys on Feelin' Music, and I organized everything with Feelin' Music.

Listening to the EP I can tell that you guys are inspired by a variety of
people. Could you give the masses insight on who inspires you?

J: We inspire each other. Of course an inspiration is what you listen to.

M: Word.

Most projects today do not have a lasting effect which could lead to a decent project being lost in the shuffle. Why should people support your latest release?

J & M: Because we want to do different things, and include different elements within the beats, so that it's more interesting than a loop. For this EP we worked together for one year and developed our style. We work intensively and tried to inject ideas into a beat until we're confident it is unique. We often work on a beat for so long that we forget time entirely, we forget to eat, to sleep, to go to the bathroom...

Describe the hip-hop scene in Zurich, Switzerland.



What projects are you guys working on for the future?

J & M : We're working on various projects, we'll be on the Finest Ego compilation, and on a Facec Record compilation, and we're planning to make a second Ep on Feelin' Music.

Who would you guys like to collaborate with in the future?

M: Future?

J: Carpe Diem

Any final thoughts?

M: Mahatma Gandhi said:
Wo Liebe wächst, gedeiht Leben - wo Hass aufkommt droht Untergang.

J: The love in our friendship is so important. And you can hear that in our

Listen to the album and support it HERE


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