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Short Fuse & Nasa - Toxicology Music

Here is the latest release from Uncommon Records called Toxicology Music. Short Fuse wanted to round up a bunch of his friends to whoop people's behinds with hardcore hip-hop. The feat is achieved as Short Fuse (the emcee) teams up with Nasa (the beat maker) and they deliver quality hip-hop. The project opens up with "Toxicology," where Short Fuse flexes lyrical skill over a hypnotizing beat by Nasa. I love the political undertones of "In Your Hands Now" as Short Fuse delivers the effectiveness of the nation's first Black President. One of the most cerebral emcees that I have ever heard, Taiyamo Denku, features on the next track, "Wrecking Ball," and delivers an awesome verse. The chemistry between Denku and Fuse is the byproduct of their inclusion in the W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S crew. The reminder of the project includes some noteworthy remixes. I advise you to check out the project and cop it if you support the movement.


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