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The Rhyme Perspective: Izzie Fareal

First and foremost who is Izzie Fareal and where does he reside?

First of all Izzie Fareal is also known as Reignman MTV battle champion, a Southwest Philly legend that been on the scene since 03’ and I’m still going strong. My accomplishments include MTV battle champ, 2 Raw For The Streets alumni, Fight Club champ, Making The Band 2 finalist that walked off the show and many more great achievements.

You recently released another mix tape entitled Izzie Amazing earlier this month. I have noticed that your work rate has increased tremendously over the past few years. Where does the work ethic generate from?

Well my new work ethic has been boosted by seeing people such as Meek Mill and Young Chris getting signed along with the fact that the internet is showing me a lot of love especially sites like ImNotARappa.TV and AllFlamerz and it just made me want to step it up.

People should download Izzie Amazing because...

People should download Izzie Amazing because it’s a breath of fresh air; no gun talk no drug talk just hot bars and great concepts something all real hip hoppers miss.

You made your splash into the game as a ferocious battle emcee that devoured his opponents. Eventually you were able to disprove the preconception that battle rappers can't make songs. In your opinion where did the preconception originate and how does Izzie Fareal defy the preconception?

People think battle rappers can’t make songs I think based on mc’s like Canibus, he to me might be the nastiest mc on the planet earth (real talk) but not focusing on making hooks and the song aspect. I think the world heard his project and a lot of other lyrical mc's albums and figured since they don’t have the club or radio records that they can’t make songs which is def not true at all, we just tend to want to give you depth over flash. I defy that thinking by doing what I do best, making deep conceptual music and still knowing how to make a hook and change up my delivery and flow.

Explain the difference between Izzie Fareal and Reignman.

The difference between Izzie and Reign is Reignman was more of a people pleaser meanwhile Izzie could care less about opinions he just wants to dominate, work hard, and spread a positive message.

Recently I noticed that your viral marketing is on point as evidenced by your video campaign and consistent material. How important has viral marketing been in your career?

Viral marketing has went from being 20% of my hustle to now being 90% leaving 10 just for the actual music, I appreciate the net more and more everyday as I reach different people around the world. It actually makes it easier for real mc's to be heard on a large scale.

The internet is a double edged sword because...

The net is a double edge sword to me because people with no talent at all can just pay the top sites to post their vids and music and get made up views and plays. For me I think it makes it unfair for the real mc's that get there buzz from real numbers who don’t have a budget behind them.

Did you ever reach a point where you thought about giving up on music? What motivated you to continue?

Honestly I consider quitting every day, but I continue because I know I have a god giving talent to speak to people and I keep realizing more and more that there are people in the world that still want to hear real music.

Describe your creative process to the masses.

My creative process is nothing deep at all, I draw from my life and my real emotions therefore I can create everyday with no problem while other people have to make up topics. Plus I am not ashamed of who I am so I really use my music as a diary for the world to learn from.

The Philly music scene is comprised of a lot of talented artists. On "Dear Philly" on Izzie Amazing, you present a plea for community unity in regards to hip-hop. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Philadelphia hip-hop scene?

The strengths of Philly hip hop is we are all so damn hungry and the work ethic here is amazing only similar to a signed artist...we push out material like we have a billion dollar budget. The negative is that we are so hungry we tend to be very cliquish, so if you aren’t down with the popular team studio or Dj it’s hard to get heard. I think the more artists that get on from here we can change that.

In your illustrious career you have had the opportunity to work with Jin, Murda Mook, Cory Gunz, Journalist, Reed Dollaz, E. Ness, Tracey Lee, Philly Swain, Young Hot, and more. Are there any artists that you would like to work with in the future? What beatmakers would you like to work with?

As far as features I would love to work with Sha Stimuli, Joe Budden, Sean Price (the whole Bootcamp Click), Jo Jo Pelligrino those are my favorite off the top; as far as producers I would love to work with Justice League, Alchemist, The Runners and a lot more that I can't think of lol...but any one with that soul sound

What's next on deck for Izzie Fareal?

Next for me is I’m a keep flooding the net with vids shout to my in house director Viora Vision also I’m dropping International Izzie which will be 15 all original records hosted by UK female Dj Ms. Figa Dj, then it’s Izzie The Illest hosted by Cos the Movement which is a collection of freestyles to my favorite industry tracks…you can expect these to drop in June.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

People can contact me on Twitter, YouTube, My Blogspot, My Website, and my Facebook.

Any Final Thoughts or Shoutouts?

Shoutouts... (The Machine) Philly Music Man, Iosos, C Merkem, Viora Vision, June Bug (LHR), Jimmy the Saint for giving me a chance when people was fronting on me, Dj Cosmic Kev, Dj 2 Short, Cos, Ms. Figa Dj, ImNotARappa.TV, AllFlamerz, Allhotness.com and all the blogs that show me support. Shout to the whole city of Philadelphia.

Download Izzie Amazing HERE


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