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The Rhyme Perspective: Cane

First and foremost who is Cane...

Cane is a hip hop artist from Fredericksburg, VA.

My Universe
is your third release and perhaps your most versatile release. How does this project differ from your first two?

This project to me is an album. The first two I was really showcasing what I could do in a mix tape type format. I was getting on a lot of industry beats and trying to flex on them. My Universe is an all-original body of work with production by Lou Burna. The two previous mix tapes could potentially leave the listener wondering what they would get from a Cane album. My Universe is a much more personal, clear-cut, compilation. You will hopefully start to get what I'm all about after listening to this one.

What is the concept of this project?

My Universe is exactly what it says it is. The contents of this cd are everything that I'm made up of as an emcee and a person. I'm giving my highs and lows, and some of my views and experiences. There are so many different topics, styles, and sounds covered. It’s an entire universe for hip hop fans to travel through.

What inspires you as an artist?

I'm inspired by everyday life events; adversity as well as positivity. I am very often inspired by conversations with people. I love talking to people and hearing different views. A typical conversation will easily spark a song idea for me. I'm inspired by all types and genres of music. I’m also motivated by the producer that I’m working with. When a hot beat is created, it makes me bring my A game and it becomes a challenge. We're almost trying to outdo each other. This is one thing I've learned directly from sports; competition brings out the best in people. It's like two players battling to earn a starting position. If you're the starter and the guy behind you isn't pushing you and making you practice your ass off everyday, you're going to get comfortable and you're not going to max out your potential. Lou Burna did a great job of challenging me on this project.

You have the propensity to drop a lot of sports references into your rhymes. Does the inclusion of sports references have anything to do with your athletic past?

Yeah I think, unintentionally. It's just what I know best. Sports have always been my life, so its what I relate everything to. Since I can remember, I lived football, and it was the reason I was able to attend the college I did. It might be a biased opinion from a former athlete, but I think sports references just make for the best punchlines anyway.

Describe the hip-hop scene in Fredericksburg, Va... Is there a sense of unity between the artists in the area? What is one glaring weakness that you intend to correct in the future?

It’s tough for hip-hop artists in Fredericksburg. Opportunities are very limited, as far as places to perform and being able to showcase your talent. This is why it is so important that we stick together as artists. We’ve got to make things happen ourselves. Not too many venues in the area want anything to do with hip hop events anymore. A genre of music should not be the reason a place or event gets shut down. We all know it’s easy for people to blame hip-hop for any negative things that may occur. This is bullshit, but we know this by now. So, we as artists need to try and fix this, and prove the stereotypes wrong.

I love the creativity that is presented in your videos. Most rappers focus on the leased vehicles, leased bling, and the eye candy. Your videos present blue collar themes and they project affection for the art. Who is responsible for the creative direction of the videos? Have you thought about presenting a DVD collection of your videos?

Thank you. Mister Fili of Kik Baq Productions is the brain behind the videos. He is an essential part of my team. He’s been my homie for a long time! We see eye to eye on a lot of things. I don’t think you’ll ever see a cliché video done by Kik Baq Productions (Mister Fili), which is why we work well together. He thinks outside the box, and strives for creativity. We just bounce ideas back and fourth, and try and come up with cool videos. If we’re not feeling an idea, or if something seems wack, we’ll tell each other. We are both passionate about what we do, and we like to have fun with it.

Haha, it’s funny you ask about the DVD idea. Mister Fili and I were planning on dropping a short film/music video compilation instead of a mix tape. Once the recording of My Universe started that kind of got put on the back burner. But be on the lookout for that in the future.

You have an upcoming performance at Shenandoah University on April 28, 2011. How did you become a part of this gig and do you see yourself touring the United States in the future?

Recently, I’ve been trying to tap into the college scene to find places to perform. I have two brothers, and a lot of friends that are still in college, so I’ve been in contact with them about possible gigs. My brother that attends Shenandoah University took things into his own hands and actually was a big part of making the event happen.

Being able to tour the U.S. is definitely one of my goals.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future and why?

I would love to collaborate with Ski Beatz or 9th Wonder. I’ve always admired their work. Those dudes are monsters.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

Twitter, email: caneisthename@gmail.com

Any Final Thoughts?

Download My Universe on 4/20 at . Visit the site for new music, videos, and updates. Come check me out at Shenandoah University on 4/28...opening up for the Cool Kids. Email jludden10@su.edu for ticket information.

Shout out to Lou Burna, Mister Fili, Action Ent, Johnny Hammerstix, all of my fans/supporters and of course none other than P-viz the Wiz!!

Cane - My Universe (2011)
Cane - 2nd Wind Mix Tape (2010)
Cane - Cane Is The Name (2010)


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