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FREE Download: Prosthetik Intelligentz: Man-Cave Mixtape Compilation

North Carolina is a hotbed for hip-hop music (think J. Cole, Phonte, Big Pooh, 9th Wonder, King Mez, Rapsody, L.E.G.A.C.Y., K. Hill, Spectac, Diablo Archer, The Away Team, Emcee Nemesis, Actual Proof, Kam Moye, and more). I love music because as a fan I am constantly introduced to new talent. Today I was introduced to Prosthetik Intelligentz, a duo that represents Fayetteville, North Carolina. Ezzie B. is the emcee while B. Doom is the beat maker (shout out to Hip+Hop hahaha). Listening to their latest project Man-Cave Mixtape Compilation, I found that the group's focus is on lyrics and making a better world via rhyme expression. "My Rib" and "Break 'Em" (produced by Depakote) are two of the stand out tracks on the compilation. Ezzie B. shines on "My Rib" showcasing the ability to change his flow to the structure of the beat. "Diddy-Dum-Dum" is a lovely track where Ezzie showcases his flawless rhyme scheme and story telling ability. "Rock On" produced by B. Doom, provides a smooth and laid back vibe that makes sitting in traffic fun. Music is an expression of one's inner self and this compilation is a perfect introduction to the North Carolina based crew. You can download the project HERE.


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