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Praverb's Poll: What Beatmaker should I work with next?

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I thought that these polls would be a great way to gauge what the audience wants in regards to my music. This week's poll will focus on dream collaborations with beat makers. The beat makers included in this list include Oddisee, Freddie Joachim, FS Green, JR and PH7, Muneshine, Mr. Green, Panik (of The Molemen), and Khrysis. Who knows what collaborations will become a reality in the future.


  1. Oddisee is so dope. If you get on a project with that dude, you'll have a classic at least intrumentally!

  2. I would say, in this order, 1. Muneshine2. oddisee next, 3.elaquent (as a suggestion) 4. ph7 also a winner..The others mentioned are also very consistent and would be sure to provide you with tracks needed to make a classic, hell if u can, do a record w all of em and you got a LP(especially Jedi mind tribute) that will alomst certainly be a classic!

  3. all of them. lol.

  4. no order...love em all,but... ph7 upcoming beats that can only get better which is above average already, muneshine stupid crazy dope fresh beats or khrysis on the boards always a hit..all of em will put ya neck in a brace.....expanding the list to include auzzi native MPHAze would be dope..

    -J. TARANTINO- reppin upstate NY!!

  5. yeah M-Phazes is a beast...I will make another poll that has more beatmakers included...


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