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Introducing Dj Inform...

What was the inspiration for this project?

Well, I was listening to a lot of classic 90's mixtapes by people like Rectangle, Neil Armstrong, Dj Riz, etc, and I was thinking about what to do that could build on the creative path they had laid out. At the same time, I was getting ready to move out of my apartment in Ohio that was overflowing with records and move to San Diego. So, I was looking at my records, and thinking about how I had so many that other people had sampled, making them kinda unsamplible (new word). So I was thinking-"what am I gonna do with all these records?" so I made this mix. And now a lot of those records are hiding out in my parent's attic, while I live with a modest amount in SD.

Who influenced you to become a Dj and when did you buy your first set of turntables?

I started around 1998, and bought my first turntables (gemini 100's) from my homie Dj Kool Kat for a trade that was equivalent to about $100 for the pair and an equally crappy mixer. This obviously didn't work too well, and I upgraded to the Gemini 1000's a few months later. These lasted for a couple years...I didn't get my first working pair of 1200's until about 2003. My mixer game has been equally rag-tag, just kinda scrapin by until I could get up enough dough to upgrade. I got good stuff now though. I started spinning jungle and drum and bass and going to raves around the midwest in 1998. It was a crazy time, and the rave scene was pretty enormous. At the same time there was a lot of crossover with the hip hop scene in Columbus, Ohio, and a lot of talented people around. Some Dj's then that inspired me-Dj Chewie, RJD2, Danny the wild child, Dr. Falafel. Dj PRZM, Pos 2.

Hip-Hop in Columbus, Ohio is..

Dope! There is a ton of talent there, I think it comes from kinda being an underdog city in terms of music...yet for some reason it has been a hotbed for underground hip hop for a long time. From people like J. Rawls, Camu Tao (R.I.P.), Blueprint, Illogic, Ill Poetic, Copywrite, RJD2....and those are just some of the people who have made noise outside the city! It was really great in the late 1990's and early 2000's, there was a weekly night at Bernie's bar Dj'ed by the phonosluts (Dj PRZM R.I.P., Pos 2, and Lo Zone) that was central to the scene when I was growing up. The open mic's would get brutal sometimes, and it's where a lot of the people I just listed came up. The music scene as a whole is strong, with indie rock and jazz represented strongly. Its cool too because the city is small enough that things are accessible. Its difficult to get recognition, because it's a huge football town (Ohio State Buckeye fever in full effect), so the people that do get recognized, best believe they put in tons of work to get there.

Have you worked with any artists in the area and who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I've worked with a few artists in the area, most recently I put out an album on Dove Ink records that I produced and did the cuts for, the group is called The Green Brothers, the album is called I Get Lifted). For the time being, I am kinda stepping away from working with rappers too much, and focusing more on my Dj/production work. Being in San Diego has already been offering a lot more opportunity for this side of things, and I am enjoying the stuff I am making these days. Either way, I'm happiest and feel I can be most creative when I'm doing my own thing (this doesn't apply to any rappers I am currently working with, lol). That being said, I love hip hop and get excited about making stuff with rappers easily. People I work with currently who are dope and worth checking out are my people Guerilla Publishing Company, out of New Orleans. Their bandcamp page is here, and I've been doing some cuts for some of their stuff. Very well executed dope hip hop. I really just enjoy making music with friends, and get excited making stuff more when I can get along well with a person. Larger artists I would be honored to work with? Slick Rick, Elzhi, Kid Koala, Pharoah Monch, Method Man, Common, Mos Def, Kool G. Rap, Special K, Nas, Gil Scott Heron, list goes on and on. As far as the near future, I am excited to be playing with the Minnesota Sinfonia (full orchestra) on June 23rd, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN as the featured soloist holding down the turntable. I also have some interesting things in the works, but I cannot speak on them at this time.

What are some of your interests outside on hip-hop and deejaying?

I like to read, especially insightful books by people like Robert Anton Wilson (highly recommended), and the grimiest stuff imaginable, by people like Iceberg Slim. I collect records (obviously), do outdoors stuff, travel, mostly my life is consumed by music. I dig funk, jazz, soul, etc as well and love checking out live music. I am also currently loving this Parrot brand young coconut juice....it is

How can people get in contact with you?

They should like my facebook page (just search DJ Inform), Follow me on Twitter, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Myspace.

Email me at DJInform@gmail.com


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