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The Rhyme Perspective: Jin

Congrats on the marriage as well...

Thank you on behalf of me and THE WIFE.

I was listening to the song "Forgive Me" with Bizzle and I noticed that you contributed a verse to the song. How did the collaboration take place?

Ever so often I'll get random emails saying, "Jin, check out this track. Would you be down to lay a verse on it?". Bizzle hit me up on Twitter. I gave him my email. He sent me the unfinished track. I wrote and recorded my verse. Sent it back. Amen.

You are a Christian now and I know that the new found faith equates to a great testimony as well as a multitude of haters. How do you deal with the doubters and naysayers? Has your stance affected your business relationships or your personal relationships?

I don't think there needs to be a conscious effort to "deal with the doubters and naysayers" as you so put it. My focus is constantly seeking a further intimate relationship with God and letting Him work in me and thru me. It has affected my relationships in the sense that I've never had a connection with my circle of friends and families such as this. We are all constantly seeking the Lord. Of course, everyone might be at different stages of their walk with the Lord.

How will Jin the MC continue to thrive in an industry that is glamorized by negativity and evil?

All by God's grace, strength, and guidance.

I truly believe that we are human beings that are flawed specimens and daily we have to repent for the sins of the past, present, and the future. Your walk with Christ can be defined as...

I don't it can be defined. If it were a book, I feel like all the way up to now, I've just been preparing for the first chapter.

As Killah Priest stated, the Bible refers to Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Proverbs is one of my favorite biblical books because it fosters growth and wisdom. What is your favorite biblical book?

I can't say that I have dived intensely into the various scriptures yet. Between regular Bible studies and what the particular church service sermon may be about, I've been able to absorb a decent amount of scripture. I find a lot of inspiration and wisdom in Corinthians in terms of dealing with love and relationships.

In one of your recent VLog's you presented the word breakthrough and how numerous things are occurring because of the word. With that being said, describe the experience of recording Big Boys Club for TVB. Do you have plans to act more in the future?

The experience is surreal in the sense that I am doing these things that I've never had the opportunity to do before. In terms of acting more in the future, whatever opportunities present itself, I will learn and apply what I can.

You also stated that you will present a Cantonese and an English album in the future. Your ability to relate to dual audiences is what makes you marketable and personable. Is there a specific theme for the albums? Have you decided on a name for the albums?

At the moment, there are no set titles for either one. I can say that both the English and Cantonese album are absolutely reflective of the mindset that I have these days in regards to my views on life and my faith.

It is fair to say that 2011 constitutes as a re-birth of Jin Au-Yeung?

I wouldn't call it a re-birth. You are looking at a brand new me.

You are revered for your freestyle ability and being a trendsetter in regards to the battle circuit. There have been numerous up and coming emcees that still try to entice you to battle. When did you finally realize that battling was not in your plans?

There was no definitive moment. Once I decided I'm done, I'm done.

Does Jin the MC still freestyle and will the fans be exposed to your freestyling prowess in the future via your VLog?

I wouldn't absolutely rule out the possibility.

What are some of your interests outside of hip-hop?

Basketball. Reading. Watching TV. Shooting pool. All things that I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Could you briefly present the meaning of Aiya! to the masses?

The beauty lies in the fact that there is no meaning. A phrase suitable for all scenarios and all emotions.

You have been blessed with the ability to work with a plethora of people in your illustrious career. Who does Jin the MC want to collaborate with in the future in regards to music?

As long as we can make good music, count me in.

How can the masses stay in touch with you?

You can actually email me at ayojin@gmail.com God bless.

Thank you very much for the interview and I wish you nothing but success in regards to your marriage, your music and acting career, and your walk with Christ. Aiya!


  1. Great interview, gave some good insight into a rapper I really follow. Will pass this around!

  2. Good Job P.!!! From One Dose man you and Jin did your thing!!


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