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Praverb the Wyse - Introspection (prod. by Skipless)

Introspection (Praverb the Wyse) by PraverbTheWyse

Here is a track that was featuring on Skipless's latest project The Travelers Ghost. Check the track and download the project HERE. The concept behind this track centered on inner thoughts and feelings that were hidden. I wrote this back in 2010 when I was contemplating taking a long hiatus. I have always felt that writing and presenting my life through the microphone provides therapy. Hopefully you can relate to this display of emotion and vibe with the production from a talented Finnish beat maker.


At times my christian views get misconstrued
They say I'm arrogant but nowadays I pick and choose
I never claimed to be the image of perfection
Since my adolescence
I always tried to spit the truth//
I'm not blinged out, don't have a cross that hangs
I won't lie, I'm envious of Rick Ross's fame
The way that I was reared, weird, a little feared
Growing a long beard since Randy Moss can//
But with the same token, I let the pain soak in
Reflect on my mother's death and try to stay focused
Rappers are carbon copies from the same cloth
I'm trying to stand out, they sip the same potion//
The name is Praverb, how did I get my name?
From endless nights reading the book of wisdom, it came
To my mind, the idea was so clear
So I attacked the sheets with no trace of fear// 16
I wasn't heard in the pews, wasn't heard in the streets
So I decided to record Disturbin' the Priest
God given ability, spitting lyrically
Ac-a-pella style or murdering beats//
Battling, was my forte, I grew spiritually
Observe the world around me, grew physically
Reading is fundamental, I've grown mentally
Now I stand on my own two, I hope you feeling me//
In 09, I did a lot of reflecting
a lot of school work, led to a lot of stressing
I did a lot of myspace, twitter, no facebook
But I was wasting time by not progressing//
My progression stalled, the energy was drained
Tried to write rhymes but it didn't seem the same
I lost my passion, how could it be so strange?
When years ago, I was free, the sinner was contained// 32
I blamed God for the gift, I don't want it
Genetically blessed with talent, I won't flaunt it
The Holy Ghost inhabits me, it would be a travesty
If I expressed the sentiment of being haunted//
Three things fueled me
...The inspiration from my family and friends, God, and some movies
Countless beats from Teddy Roxpin
He was waiting for the product
But I...produced nothing//
Broken promises, just a heap of lies
Should I do the world a favor, keep the speech inside?
Guess not, I should go ahead and speak my mind
I haven't reached my apex, pinnacle, or peak//


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