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Half Past Never Band - Letters (feat. Jon?Doe)

Here is a single from the highly anticipated Half Past Never Band album Cubicle Coma that is due to drop this spring. I had the opportunity to communicate with these guys and I can say that they are very talented. Take a listen to this awesome song by Jon?Doe and the band.


01. March In (feat. Sage)
02. International Jam (feat. Tenacity)
03. I-Feel (feat. Sankofa and Jon?Doe)
04. Middle of the Crossroads (feat. Emilia Sisko)
05. Sammy Jankis (feat. Zilla Rocca)
06. Letters (feat. Jon?Doe)
07. Right Timing (feat. Frankifier)
08. Color Bars (feat. Zilla Rocca)
09. Daily Discussions (feat. V Merc)
10. Gold Rush
11. Soarin´ (feat. Emilia Sisko, Sage, D1)
12. Long Lost Nepal

Additional mixing and mastering by Tommi Langen

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