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The BrainStormers - What's Mine is Yours

What's Mines Is Yours is a track that introduces how we become The BrainStormers (Excluded from The BrainStormers EP). The track order for this track: Cayoz Da Beast, Praverb the Wyse, A.L. Laureate (beat was provided by Reef Ali

Verse 1 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Yo when it comes to BrainStormers y’all share what’s mine
Much love to AL and the homie P the Wyse
Desire brewing in me that y’all both realized
Barely out my teen years still y’all took me for the ride//
When I shine you shine
All as one we rise never leaving one behind
A beautiful design like are fates are intertwined
Unity is the key for this team ain’t no I//
Y’all my brothers in this struggle for a piece of the pie
Music be my life I’ll never cease till I die
It’s something like a movement when im grooving with my guys
Cause the music's so soothing from this unit on the rise//
Can’t forget Dj Grazz he insane
Crazy with the hands when he cut it ain’t a game
This is music from the soul if you ain’t know that’s what we make
Cause not watering down makes for a better taste

Verse 2 (Praverb the Wyse)
Had ideas to quit, yeah I thought about it
Hit up Alex on celly and we talked about it
Had songs that we had to mix and master
Mixing the songs, gave fuel to this gifted rapper//
Brainstorming, we became the BrainStormers
Feasting on emcees, we sharing the same portions
Lifted me up, when I didn't remain focused
Two younger cats helped me take notice//
Alex and Cayoz, we slay bars
Putting in a lot of energy
Eventually, it will pay off
Dj Grazz, adds variety to tracks
Presenting the element for those tired of hearing raps//
Check the vision, we connect for wisdom
If they spits a dope verse then respect is given
Pounds and daps, we be clowning cats
Raise heaven pull up hell with the ground attached//

Verse 3 (A.L. Laureate)
We talked about it and it happened
Since we both where on hiatus with the rapping
Prav and I, form a group in hopes we could revive
The love with hip hop we vowed into our rhymes//
Began to revamp working on these songs
Then halfway in Prav gave me a call
Introduced me to Cayoz and asked me
Let's makes the group three lets link him to the tree//
I listened to em spit and he was in
Grazzhoppa creates whirlwinds when he spins
It was only right he line up with us
Now we a fort saving the art that’s lifted us//
Though we never met to face to face, I thank you
You’re all a blessing how could I ever repay you
With that being said what’s mine is yours
Even if the power is off on record//


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