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Behind The Beats: Haz' Beats

Give the audience a little background information about your career as a beat maker

Wadup Im Haz' Beats aka Goonie Hodges, been making beats for ages, forgotten how long and producing properly for a good three to four years now. Beat maker/Producer for two hip hop groups here in New Zealand Home Brew Crew & Team Dynamite since 2007.

What inspired you to compile a beat tape called The Good Country Beat Tape?

Well the titled came from the Tour we did last Winter round the whole of New Zealand. It was called 'The Good Country' tour. While on tour I would bang a few beats out in different cities but at the time I didn't really think I was gonna put them all together and put it out as a beat tape. It was just me being normal and making beats while on the road. It wasn't till a few weeks after the Tour when I decide to compile the beats I had made on tour (rough cuts & some unfinished)and make a beat tape. I hadn't put anything out since Euphoria, Sunshine Roses & Rainbows Loops beat tape so I thought fuck it why not present the concept of making a beat for every city we played at...Kinda like Oddisee's Traveling Man. So yeah I guess the making a beat in every city inspired me to put out The Good Country Tape.

Has your affiliation with Team Dynamite and Homebrew Crew led to more notoriety and recognition in New Zealand?

Kind of. I work hard and everyone knows that. Even doe I do indulge in a little of the party life style a lot and I still get shit done. Recognition is there, but most times I don't give a fuck about it. Not in a sad way, but sometimes if I think bout the recognition and the fame side of things I lose track of what I'm really suppose to be doing..like make music. It's cool to be recognized for the things you do though. Just don't let it get to your head.

Describe the hip hop scene in New Zealand

Healthy, alive, and stronger then ever!

Has Westernized music infiltrated the air waves in New Zealand? if so, what impact does it pose on the New Zealand hip hop scene?

A little, mainly just club bangers and shit. A lot of New Zealanders see's our music as refreshing and that we're not trying to imitate the Western world with anything. Maybe marketing but then again my bro is a mastermind of that shit so we always know what we're up to and how to approach the music scene in our country. Westernized music still gets more air play here then the rest of us doe. It's normal but its not like the radio will play our music anyways. The content in our songs is not really radio play material but we don't care.

How long does it take you to make a beat? Do you undergo a special ritual or confide in a special place when you are putting a beat together?

Depends really. Complete maybe a few hours. I like to work the sample first then work the drums around it. Most of the time its the same process (sample, drums, bass etc etc) but sometimes its different. I like to work at home alone mainly during the day when the sun is almost down till early hours of the morning. Home is where the art gets being created but I'm easy working along side the boys in both crews. Feeding off each other makes things a little easier for me as a beat maker.

Who inspires you to continue to make beats?

Nujabes and Dilla are my favorites of all time but my bro Ta-Ku from Perth Australia has been keeping me on my toes since I first met the bro on Myspace. We're still good mates till this day and I haven't even met him in person yet. I'm a fan of most beat makers & to me that keeps me going strong. Hearing other beats & how they flipped samples will always keep me driving & making beats.

Do you believe that instrumental projects will one day achieve the same success that mix tapes achieved?

Of course. I'm sure its already taking off as we speak. If not, one day it'll possibly be bigger then mix tapes in my own opinion.

How does an artist survive amidst the collapse of record companies?

For me and my crew its gigs. There no real market for us musicians these day especially with the internet and free downloading. Our motto is give them free shit to download and make them come to your shows. That and sell merchandise like t-shirts. CD sales gets a little love but not like they used too. Independent all the way I reckon. Market yourselves, you don't need a label to help boost your career all they do is make money off you.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

As many dope artists as I can or who will want to work with me really. If your dope then you'll probably get an email from me in the future. But if I was to name one artist it will be Sean Price. I like his rugged & raw style, hes a beast on the mic!

How can the listening public and artists get in contact with you?

via Twitter or facebook - Haz' Huavi
Beat inquiries email: hazgotbeats@gmail.com


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