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Behind The Beats: Chuck Lestrange

Burning Papers by Chuck Lestrange

Hello Chuck Lestrange, introduce yourself to the masses

Hey, I am a producer from Sydney, Australia. My style of production is mainly dark, yet chill, and easy to listen to. Categorically you can call it hip hop, but with a very dark, melancholic aspect of it. I guess that’s what makes my production different and unique to some listeners.

I notice that you have a new beat tape dropping soon called Shadows of the Past & Present. What was the concept behind Shadows of the Past & Present?

I wanted to create an instrumental album with a dark, psychedelic and chill wave concept. It’s heavily influenced by these genres and overall the tape will incorporate that creative sound to it. Some tracks feature samples from artists such as Toro Y Moi, New Buffalo, and The Dø.

You can download the project HERE.

Listening to this beat tape I noticed that you present a unique sound that promotes your individuality. What do you attribute this to?

Shadows has definitely helped me to identify my specific style of producing. Just through experimenting with different sounds, different genres that I managed to create something that I’m satisfied with and can build upon.

What do you plan to accomplish with this tape?

This is like my introduction to the music world. That’s how I see it. If I wanted to be judged musically, this is it. I feel that this is my best work so far, hopefully people will feel the same.

What type of freedom does an instrumental beat tape provide and if you could collab with five artists who would they be?

More creativity. Like, just to let the melodies speak for themselves. As a producer, I try to evoke different emotions through just the sound of my music.

I've always wanted to work with artists such as Kid Cudi, Lykke Li, and Zola Jesus. I feel these artists are very creative and excel at what they do musically. They inspire me as well.

Are you working on any other projects this year?

I’m planning on working with a few artists on their projects. Solo wise, I may work on an album. I have started writing and it’s something that I’ve always been interested in.

How can the masses contact you?

Contact me via:



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