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Behind the Beats: 5th Element

First and foremost provide some insight about your latest project (you can use this to talk about your discography)

Well my new album Space is about an Astronaut who is on a mission to be the first person to be able to travel to the edge of our Solar System and be able to make it back alive. The sound of Space completely different from my last album Junk. Junk was more melody driven while Space is more Drum/Bass driven. Also Space is split up into 5 Acts, so each act has a different sound.

What was the motivation behind the project?

I always been interested in Astronomy and figured why not and try a project around the concept of Space.

I noticed that a lot of your releases are strictly instrumental projects. What are some of the reasons for the exclusion of vocals?

I choose to do instrumental projects because I want to try and show a story through music instead of words.

I believe that every release should be better than the previous project due to maturation. Was there any risks involved with the creation of this project?

The biggest risk that I took for Space is that I tried to make it more of an Electronic album rather than just a Hip Hop beat tape

Give a reason why a person should download this project in 50 words or less...

Because it's good music!

What is the best way for fans to stay in contact with you?



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