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Emay - Mind Altering Dynamics (Review)

Emay, a talented beat maker/ emcee, from Canada hit me with his latest project called Mind Altering Dynamics. On "Because Winter," the talented Emay delivers magnetic poetry over a hypnotic beat (that he produced). Soul stress Lowell Boland delivers a great hook that completes a song that reflects my favorite season, winter. "Lonely Night" is more of an introspective gem that features a display of great writing. The thing that separates this young emcee from others is his social awareness and imagination. He tackles the concept of self-awareness on "Bricks," and the concept of being descended from a star on "Iron Pulse." I also love the next track called "It's Been Said + Rewot Gninael" due to the switch that occurs halfway through the track. The lyricism that this multi-talented individual presents is brilliant. "So Beautiful" is a track that I enjoy due to the visualization or imagery that is painted over the beat. Emay also delivers some hard hitting lines on the track.

I should give up, to give in, and Walk It Out
Like that song by that rapper we forgot about
If I was gangster, I'd use five nines (5 9's)
To leave your eyes (I's) Crooked as we walk into the Slaughterhouse/
Ink is suddenly white, because I chalk em out
Lift is suddenly flight, in this akward drought

The quoted material highlights the wit of this talented writer. "Ups and Downs," and "Initial Progression" close out a very enjoyable listen that was full of lyricism and instrumentation that was quirky but effective.



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