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The BrainStormers (feat. Skyzoo) - Proceed With Caution

The BrainStormers - Proceed With Caution (feat. Skyzoo) by PraverbTheWyse

First single from The BrainStormers EP that features Skyzoo. The project will be available for FREE in February (once we complete the artwork). Cuts are provided by Dj Grazzhoppa with production by Teddy Roxpin. The single artwork was handled by Luke Morgan.

Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
Desire on the forefront
Extensively expedient
Drenching out of my forehead
Heat waves and cold sweat
I Attain clarification, in accordance to recordings leaving car speakers scorching//
Never rest for a second with tutorage from the legends
Taking crash courses my brain aches
In depth study to salvage the good that remains
Amending hip hop erasing the date rape//
I’m steadfast with it, verbal artillery is out
But I ain’t shooting to kill I let it set in your scalp
Creep up in your brain and let it blend
So sit and jot down the blueprints to my revenge//
In the battlefield still getting tempted
By these labels looking for they flagship apprentice
I rather die thirsty next to water
Knowing my lifelong thesis never once faltered//

Verse 2 (Skyzoo)
The human highlight reel, they pray that I might chill never happen
I’m forever at it, and y’all forever addicts
Nowadays with the rapping, I’m feeling so bored
When I’m listening to y’all, that I rather flow backwards//
Coach well as might I pro up and I
No me let down it dumb can I
I guess I’m leave it there
And go and listen to Big wishing that he was here//
Pick one of them, whether Smalls or L or Pun any one of dude
Inspired by all three, I guess I’m something new
I’m NY, suede timbs and all
Best flow been mine, no grins involved//
I got this; I did it before it became popular
And I still get it, and all of them still watching huh
It’s cool with me, as cool as I be
I nevermind it, they all just influenced from me, you know//

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
I’m from the V dot A, home of the crack rap
Influenced by Miles Davis and other jazz cats
I pen a verse with no profanity
So forget advising you, I label each song hazmat//
So please proceed with caution
Wear plastic gloves when my music leaves the walkman
I’m a lyricist, y’all claim that your pen don’t write
Every verse hits hard like a Kimbo right//
I’m the future; I don’t need to lend no ice
Cause I’m God’s son, I don’t want to be like Mike
That’s another man; I got an arm like Rocket
While y’all slow pitch tossing underhand//
I stay positive; I always keep my head high
Whether in Va, or chilling somewhere in Bedsty
I heard a lot of dudes claim they the next guy
Until they see my cd chilling in Best Buy//


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