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Behind The Beats: Sourface

First and Foremost introduce yourself to the masses...

My name's Adam Bramwell and I'm from Manchester, England. I started making beats in 2008 with a friend and we created the Late Night Fruit duo. After putting out an EP together I’ve gone on to work on some stuff by myself under the name Sourface.

What was the inspiration behind the concept and formation of Social Therapy Volume 2?

Both Vol. 1 & 2 are meant to be a journey of different emotions. When I’m stressed out about something I feel making beats is a very good therapy. I wanted it to have a meaning behind it instead of just random beats I’ve thrown together.

People should download Social Therapy Volume 2 because...

It will (or should) make you feel something. Whatever that is, it’s up to you…

Listening to the project, I noticed that you limited the use of vocal tracks (outside of the remixes). What were you trying to showcase in regards to the exclusion of rap heavy tracks?

I’m just trying to get my name out and build up a bit of a rep, so when I start to work with artists people can know what to expect. Plus it’s good just to experiment a little on my own and build more production skills & ideas.

How would you address critics that may state that a beat is incomplete without an emcee flexing on it?

I would respect their opinion. You get certain people who could recite lyrics all day and not really care about the beat, but then people like me who can listen to instrumentals all day and not necessarily care for lyrics. I would say it’s important when an MC works with a beat, they must carry it so well you find yourself thinking about their presence and lyrics on the track too.

What inspires you to continue to make beats and what is your favorite beat of all time?

I suppose it’s just my love for hip hop. As well as making beats I’m a massive listener and fan. I spend hours just listening and it inspires me to open up a new project. It’s such a good feeling when you get in the “zone” and nothing else matters. It’s my therapy lol. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol, but as cliche as it sounds I turn to hip hop. My favorite beat of all time would either be Nas Is Like or AZ – The Come Up.

What are some of your interests and pursuits outside the production realm?

I spend a lot of time exercising, watching movies and just hanging out with close friends.

I like the emotion that is emitted throughout The Pain track. When you create a beat do you have a certain rapper in mind?

Thanks, it’s good to hear that, because when I go out to make a beat I want it to have a meaning instead of “just another beat”. I don’t really have a rapper in mind, I usually go back to beats at a later date and then think which sort of rappers they’d suite.

What tips would you give to up and coming beat makers?

Not sure if it’s a tip, but just use your ears and go with what sounds good. Try and listen to your music from the 3rd person perspective. It’s hard sometimes but it helps me a lot.

Any final shout outs or shameless promotion?

Just a big thank you to everyone who’s listened to my music and posted/promoted it anywhere. The good feedback I get from my music makes me want to make more. Thanks Praverb for this interview…

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