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Behind The Beats: Koyto Beats

Declaime - Dr. Shrooman AKA Black Tripper (produced entirely by Koyto Beats (Buy the album for $8.99)

First and foremost introduce the masses to Koyto Beats (Provide a brief description of your career as a beatmaker and your discography)

I'm a producer and MC from Valencia (Spain). I started a local group (Lo Rap Penat) in the mid-'90s (when there wasn’t much hip hop groups in my hometown). From here I’ve been part of several renowned groups like La Cosa Nostra, as well as participate in many projects in the spanish underground scene.

Last year I had the opportunity to open the borders and started working with international artists.

Your latest release is a collaborative effort with Declaime entitled Dr. Shrooman AKA Black Tripper. How did the connection with the respected Declaime come to fruition?

Well, I was preparing the Forth and Back project with my partner Toni Man and we were talking with Declaime which has agreed to contribute with a song. The result was very good and grew up the idea of making a longer work. We started working right away, but then we had the typical problems with the tour dates and it takes longer. Has been a great experience working with an artist I have admired for a long time.

I noticed that you have collaborated with a lot of respected emcees. Being that you reside in Spain, how integral has the internet been to your success?

Living in Spain has been an indispensable tool. Internet allowed us get in touch with people across the world and work without boundaries. It’s helpful even working with people who live nearby... everything goes faster.

What is your favorite song on the collaborative project with Declaime?

I love the song Ignorant MC cause it’s not a typical Declaime song, I was surprised when he told me that he decided to make a song with that beat. But my favorite song is Movement To The Left ... I think it's the perfect union between style, lyrics and instrumental.

2010 has been a very productive year for you as a beatmaker. You remixed and compiled a remix project with Aloe Blacc. What are some other projects that you worked on in 2010?

During 2010 have gone out the first two volumes of Forth and Back series, with artists from around the world like Aloe Blacc, Adam Tensta, Tableek, Masia One, N'Dambi, Khondo, 1773 and many more. I've also been working on various projects of different artists such as Monsta X, Green Jade, Lyricist, and other projects that will come out this year... my MPC pads are on fire haha

2011 has just begun and you are maintaining the same energy that you delivered in 2010 with the Declaime project. What projects are you currently working on for 2011?

We’ve already finished an EP with the San Diego MC Sabotawj. Also I'm working hard on my next LP with collaborations of Hezekiah, Kazi, Pax, Nametag and some more. There are many things spoken…

What artists would you like to collaborate with in the year 2011?

There are too many artists I’d like to collaborate (like KRS One or Pharoahe Monch). Anyway I think one of most important things to work is the artist's attitude and feeling.

Do you rely on a specific process when you are creating beats?

I have no specific process. The only rule I got is don’t use loopin samples ... I like to create my instrumentals from cut samples, that allows me create my own sound. From there the process is free…

What are some tips that you can relay to aspiring beatmakers?

One of the things I think is important is that you don’t need much equipment to make good music .. many people look for inspiration buying more equipment but I think it’s wrong (maybe you’ll get better sound, but not better music).

Can you provide some final words for those reading this interview?

To thank you for your support and readers. You can follow me on:
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