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Praverb - So Amazing (w/ Lyrics)

Here is an unreleased track that was supposed to appear on Louis Van De Leest's album. This is the byproduct of the failed attempt haha.

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Like Kam Moye, Praverb is Forever Flowing
no ego, just confidence, no head is swollen
I can tell by the way that you rhyme
and the way that you leak your music
you probably need better Trojans//
I speak my mind, I'm here to enforce faith
tired of dropout percentages, and divorce rates
I'm not violent, I don't gather court dates
I could care less about how much money the Source makes//
I be the cipher killer, no mic to pass
Aristotle mind state, on a righteous path
I'm schooling y'all, I don't have to fight in class
think about it man, I don't have to light the grass//
I'm living, I'm destined, sinning, I'm questioned
God was the only form of living perfection
A lot of y'all claim that you grinding, rhyming
producing no tracks, I think you're better off miming//

Start to believe my IQ, I am genius
online education, yes, I am Phoenix
a cool Christian cat, known for spitting raps
but this time around I ain't preaching//
no pastor or no minister, the flow sinister
took a hiatus to read some known literature
advancing my brain, revamping the game
waiting for old cats to start passing the flame//
they Favre, I'm Tavaris Jackson
I can get large from rapping, give me a chance to explain
speak my mind, unleash these lines
kid mentality, I want to dance in the rain//
You claim to be an emcee, so emcee
promote some substance, fill up a page that's empty
when it comes to writing a verse, I'm top seeded
no props needed, give me a mic to converse//


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