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Behind the Beats: Keor Meteor - Bridges E.P.

Dj Keor or Keor Meteor, from France, recently dropped a 14 track beat tape for the masses called Bridges E.P.. I caught up with the talented beat maker and asked him a few questions.

What was the inspiration or motivation behind Bridges?

Keor: You are gonna laugh because my motivation for Bridges was Soundcloud. I heard so much dope material on the site. I realized that I had never released a beat tape in my career.

It's not the main reason, in France the game turns pretty ugly. We've got the dirty south style making an invasion here and I don't like those kind of beats so I do not make them.

I stopped collaborating with French emcees; I'm only collaborating with my old U.S/U.K buddies from Myspace. I also want to make more beats tapes and less collabos because I am tired of making the same stuff.

Everyday I needed to undergo change and that was my feeling/motivation/inspiration for Bridges.

I made this EP in one week and I was searching for something short that sounds really musical with skits and acapellas. I love Kankick, Jay Dee, and Madlib production style but I was not trying to emulate their style. I love jazz and soul and that is my sound. I did not want to try something that I did not like.

What are your plans for 2011?

Keor: Got a second free LP coming in a month called Landing Aeras and it is going to more electronic driven.

Dj Keor - Bridges E.P.


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