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The BrainStormers - KGB 2010

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Here is a track from The BrainStormers collective that consists of:
Dj Grazzhoppa
Cayoz Da Beast
Praverb the Wyse
A.L. Laureate


Verse 1 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Cease with the hating, lyrically I'm something like Jason
Beat scape, mutilating, stomping those acting brazen
Yea you may have hot beats, a big label, and an agent
So what cause dope rhymes are still eluding your equation//
Face it, you need to go back to the basics
Stop doubting I'm your favorite study up on this cadence
Cause you know when I blow right after activation
I affect all of those around me like some radiation//
My lyrics travel swiftly through the air like aviation
Back slapping whack rappers with who I have no patience
Never have I said at anytime that I'm the greatest
I just kick styles fatter than them shell toe laces//
And no sir ree, I don't condone no fakeness
You can say I'm like a master of the English language
Son my verbals know to crush bones like iron maces
And drop jaws on faces like I said something racist//

Verse 2 (Praverb the Wyse)
P is a freedom fighter, known to fight freedom
Hype man on call even when I'm night reading
Dudes want to challenge me, showing up at the battle
As a spectator saying that they sight seeing//
Seeing the sights y'all believing the hype
The hype you believe, got you believing you nice
Write for reasons you have no reason to write
Got you questioning the reason that you speak on a mic//
Life is a gamble every night I sleep with the dice
Dream about audio getting the frequencies right
Phantom menace, beware what the champ is penning
More awareness than ten to twelve cancer victims//
Write so much that my pen is cramping
I bend this rapping
Push the envelope, now the stamp is given
Most rhyme, see I rap to win this
resurrect hip-hop, now rap is finished (word)//

Verse 3 (A.L. Laureate)
I'm a take you new age rappers to the threshold of realism
I can say you earned it, I'm being earnest
Weak frame of rhymes fall fast
Like fat kids running 100 yard dash, far away from the pack//
hidden analogy, you know it, I know it
I'm the one with hip-hop, get in line for it
I'm on my BS, BrainStormers in the area
Even with an umbrella, we'll shed through all your barriers//
Strange type of dude, there's ain't no thug in me
Sending rap scallions into protective custody
put your face in the gravel, your chain up for sell
from the sky, we arrive spitting darts that derail//


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