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Behind The Beats: Kaze - Kombination LP

Here is a project from an up and coming beat maker by the name of KAZE. The Behind the Beats series will highlight beat makers, most notably their motivation and dedication to the craft. I decided to catch up with him and gather some background information about him and his latest offering.

What was the inspiration behind the Kombination LP?

KAZE: The supporters, definitely the supporters...You can kinda say the people made the album in a way...By them giving me a chance to share my hobby with them. It really gave me that extra push forward to keep investing my time into music.

Do you believe that the multitude of beat makers makes it easier or harder to make a name for yourself?

KAZE: It definitely makes it easier for me to get my name out there with many other beat makers, because it gives me even more room to hone my skills and style. By challenging each other through beat-making we all develop our skills. In the process we all develop our own unique style. And this does a lot for other upcoming beat makers...To absorb what's around them and bring their own individual styles to the table, but on the other hand if underground hip-hop was all about making money...We wouldn't get anywhere...It's all based our love for hip-hop with money being the icing.

In a perfect world KAZE would...

KAZE: In a perfect world KAZE would , design the ultimate sampler...With the software built in and all...it would be named like the "MPC9MILLION by KAZE."

I recently came across your SoundCloud page and noticed that you produced a track for Supreme Sol. Tell the masses how the collaboration came to life?

KAZE: When I had my beats posted on YouTube, I would get a lot of friend invites, and normally people don't know, but I check each person's individual page before I decide if I should ignore or add. So I was going through pages...ignoring one after another...Then I came across a guy named Supreme Sol, I played his first beat on YouTube...had a southern style beat (Where he collaborated with a guy who does beats) and I had to be honest I told him I wasn't feeling it...I listened again, but just the lyrics this time (What I think a lot of people should do) and I found so much substance in his rhymes that I had to add him...Then I listened to more tracks on his page where he rhymed over some Premo beats and from there we just hooked it up and started collaborating.

What has SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, and other social networks done for your music?

KAZE: Its done a lot for my music, expanding my music all over the world...If it wasn't for these networks I wouldn't even be getting interviewed ha ha.

Who are you currently collaborating with and who do you want to collaborate with?

KAZE: In terms of emcee's I'm currently collaborating with Ax_Butane,AD_LIB, and Supreme Sol. The people I want to collab with is SmooVth from "Tha Connection," Elzhi from Slum Village, Xperiment (from Red Bull Big Tune), NAMELESS, and last but not least...Ackyte in the near future.

What are some pet peeves that you have regarding emcees?

KAZE: My biggest pet peeve...(The Biggest!) Is when an emcee lets the beat take over their flow...That should never happen...They should be flowing all over the beat! I like it when an emcee takes control of all the little intricacies in the beat and uses it like ammo with their gun being the lyrics and their style.

How much time to you invest with the beat making craft?.

KAZE: After spending at least 4 hours digging, I would at least invest more then 6+ hours a day on beat making, even if I've been working on the same song from yesterday.

Are you open to outside collaborations? If so, how can the masses contact you?

KAZE: I wanna make something hot...something that you feel will give the listener chills, so if anyone feels the same way.. .So yes, definitely hit me up all my contact info can be found on my SoundCloud.


  1. my man Kaze. good to see you getting the exposure you deserve son.


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