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Behind The Beats: Julious Marvesol - Proportions EP

My Bandcamp search allowed me to stumble upon the talents of another talented beat maker. Julious Marvesol, by way of Spain, was kind enough to answer these questions pertaining to his beat making craft and his discography.

What are the advantages of being a bi-lingual beat maker in this industry?

I think that in the today's world or the future's world, each time is more more important to the humans understand the life with the whole world, to be more open mind free and learn a lot of things each day. Interconnect the music and the people over the globe.

Give the audience a brief introduction to your talents and your discography?

I'm Julious Marvesol, I make music (beats, scratches, drums, keyboards..., sometimes rhymes & voices) and I have been learning and practicing since I was a child, basically. I have published a lot of experiments, demos, tracks, collaborations with many names, alias & groups (like DobleJotambulo, Jotambulo, DobleJota, La Decima Agonia, Unimentales, VisionespanoramiK...) that you can find at E.G.A.M.I. Recordings. But nowadays, with my spiritual center finally localized, appears the name of Julious Marvesol. In this era I have published one EP called Proportions at Dusted Wax Kingdom Netlabel, one Single called "Diapason" at E.G.A.M.I. Recordings and three mix sessions called "Dynamic Transmission", "Spontaneous Cuts, Take1 & Take2" & "Taking Roots Vol.1". Actually, I'm working on some works like Rural Galactic Sound Vol.1 (a hip hop instrumental project), Misteriada an abstract hip hop project with various worldwide mc's that I began since a few years..., a Dub-Jazz album called 35 miliseconds, a new work with my musical formation VisionespanoramiK,...and somethings more.

How did you link up with Dusted Wax Kingdom and E.G.A.M.I Recordings?

I discovered and followed the Dusted Wax Kingdom website on the web since some years, listening their stuff and enjoying it. When I found the moment and my music was prepared, I established the contact. I sent a few tracks, a demo to the director. They liked my music & creations and considered that I was in their trip...

With E.G.A.M.I. Recordings, is other history, is my family, the people with I grew up in the Canary Islands hip hop & music scene and friends, that actually are dispersed over the country. We are the administrators of the label and is directed by us; mainly by Edac Selectah, El Cálido Lehamo and me.

What was the motivation behind the Proportions EP and what fueled Diapason?

Proportions EP is a big trip through about 3 or 4 years of my life, a medley, learning sound skills and living some experiences with the liquids, the plants and the other humans. Show the way that I see the life, with my own proportions and sizes...

“Diapason” is an experiment with the sounds, specially with the electronic sounds and the free touch music. Represent an “analogical vs digital” bridge through my mind.

I gathered from your multiple music pages that you are an engineer. Does your day job make it easier to create music?

Sometimes, the job keep me all day busy, but I enjoy with it, because I like so much learn everything and of course, the music. And maybe this job make me learn more technical skills to apply to my creations. Sometimes I have to employ me in other jobs to survive, but all my free time would be to create. I forget to tell that I'm mentally hyperactive... and don't see the TV at my home, for example.

Explain the difference between mixing a beat and mixing an album?

When you are mixing a beat, you can dive into this sounds and feel it with one thing only, you can experiment with the textures, the sounds and leave your personal mark, but when you mixing an album you have to get a panoramic vision of the album, and what the artist wants to express with it, If you aren't the artist. And commonly have more tracks the file with the album session than the other...

What or who motivates you to continue to create dope beats?

It's expression, leave my mark before die, a slow invasion. Usually, my legs follow rhythms when I'm seated that I can't hear. The love that surround me at my home is very important too.

In what ways has social networking (Sound Cloud, Myspace, Twitter, Band Camp) made your music accessible?

It's a showcase, a stage, a bridge, a link for people like you (Thank you!), ask me now about these things, and my music travel freely all over the world.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Damn!, difficult question...Without the people that died, with many people. Each day I discover someone interesting, like Praverb!. I don't know, for example with Otis Jackson Jr., Pete Rock, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime, John Robinson, Lewis Parker, Erykah Badu, Prefuse73, Quantic, Jazzanova, The Cinematic Orchestra, Nostalgia77, The Heliocentrics, to name a few...

How can those who are feeling your material contact you?

If you put Julious Marvesol on Google, you could find something, but I prefer to give my Bandcamp, because I see it with the most professional way to show my own music and distribute it independently; my email and any additional info will be there, by the moment.

Thank you very much to Praverb for the interview. Peace & Love!


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