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Settling Down Poem

I guess, I'm scared of settling down
Because settling down, means I'm nailed to the ground
I want to write verses and be felt by the clouds
Tell people that we're cousins, when heaven's around//
Let these caterpillars blossom, when I step to a crowd
Defeat writer's block and watch these letters compile
Faster than Mach speed, you can't measure my sound
Trying to be greater than, because I'm lesser than now//
Professor, with lessons, has me stressing these vowels
Ashamed, of my name and claim, not confessing it proud
Dressed in a shroud, holy water, blessed with the oil
Predicting the day's outcome, checking the soil//
This potent poetry, has me filling this void
ITunes playlist equates to hearing some noise
I guess, I'm scared of settling down
Because if I settle down I will be nailed to the ground//


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